Brooklyn Heights Dad Outraged Over Man Who Urinated in Front of His Home and Kids

Well, if this dispatch from a BHB reader is true, we’ve reached a new low in Brooklyn Heights. Sure, any of us who grew up in New York City back in the 70s would just call this incident “Tuesday”. But this is 2014 and this is pretty outrageous.

Read on:

Our nanny was leaving our garden apartment at about 10am this morning with our 3-year old and 6-month old girls. She opened our front door to find this man (photo attached), with trousers dropped and coffee cup in hand, using our little front porch area as his bathroom. It’s the second time she found this same guy urinating on our home while she was watching our little girls. In broad daylight.

I’ll be filing a report with the 84th precinct later today. But we know they have higher priorities than chasing this sort of thing down.

It seems like maybe this guy lives or works in the neighborhood, or might pass through on a routine basis. It’s tough to make him out in the picture, but he’s wearing a distinctive T-shirt and perhaps it’s from a local business.

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  • Rock E. Fella

    That’s nasty! What an ***hole! This sign is $6 on Amazon — would do the trick (and it’s bilingual, just in case)…

  • Monty

    I know he was just peeing, but he was also exposing himself to children. That’s potentially years in jail.

  • Jorale-man

    Gross. I’ve long taken pride in the fact that BH is a rare neighborhood where you don’t have to walk around holding your nose every 10 feet. But it’s dimwits like this who spoil that. And in front of kids is even worse.

  • Klezmer O’Brien

    It does seem like rather a poor choice to be sitting in Rikers and have somebody say, “what are you in for?”

  • Klezmer O’Brien

    In an era where everyone has a smartphone with a camera, that seems extraordinarily ill-considered.

  • Hicksup

    As much as I love the BHB, Homer, you’re turning it into something not so good. This is the second post this week you’ve talked about AND posted pictures of people who may or may not have done something wrong. You say yourself you don’t know this claim is true yet you posted the picture anyway.

  • Mark on Middagh

    Disgusting if true. I wonder why he is selecting this house as his bathroom?

  • stuart

    A porch? Define porch.

    You mean a sidewalk near the basement steps?

  • David on Middagh

    State Street? Does the perp know that Barnes & Noble has a men’s room upstairs?

  • CoffeeDrinker

    We have bedroom windows facing the street. To block the line of sight from the street just a bit, we have some plantings adjacent to the sidewalk. It makes a little bit of an alcove. You can still see through but I guess not enough for this guy to be uncomfortable using it as his lavatory.

  • cindy sm

    One of the most outrageous perpetrators
    Involved in dozens of such incidents
    Is one of the group hanging outside of
    Peas & Pickel usually late night hours
    Swilling beers and urinating where ever
    People have long complained and the
    Cops never seem to do anything.

  • Shorty

    I disagree with you. What is wrong with full disclosure? If you don’t like seeing something that has not been verified yet, then you should only be reading from the newspapers and yet even they have to sometime later correct things that were published. If seeing pictures like this bothers you, then do not go on the internet!

  • A Friend

    Great journalism

  • Jorale-man

    Well, ideally we’d get the peeing man’s side of the story here. When accusations are made to the press, news organizations or blogs have a duty to reach out to the other side for comment. In this case though, I think BHB has more leeway in that we don’t really see this man’s face nor is he named.

  • Eddyde

    Not in a caes like this where the man was obviously not purposely exposing himself to the kids.

  • Eddyde

    The headline should read: Brooklyn Heights Dad Pissed-off Over Man Urinating on His Porch in Front of His Kids

  • Mark on Middagh

    I would put a web cam in that window and catch this asshat in the act. 84th precinct would have to act on that.

  • AEB

    And speaking of the beer-buzzed gent
    In the maroon zip-up jacket
    He seems top have taken his trade elsewhere
    I haven’t seen him in front of Ps and Ps
    For some time.

  • Joe A

    If the story is true (and I have no reason to believe it isn’t) then the guy’s behavior is pretty deplorable and I have no sympathy for him but I wouldn’t be so quick to post photos of individuals based on the unverified claims and accusations of some reader.

    This is the second time this week the BHB has decided to do so. The first instance can be excused because of the potential risk to children that the woman may have posed and erring on the side of caution was justified but I don’t see that in this case. I suggest you use a bit more caution before you uncritically plaster someone’s photo on your page accusing them of behavior you have no idea actually occurred.

  • Joe A

    So if I took a photo of you, sent it into the BHB, and claimed that I saw you having carnal knowledge with a chicken you would be OK with them publishing your photo in the spirit of “full disclosure”? Okie dokie.

  • Eddyde

    He got hit by a car and spent 3 months in the hospital. He’s back, now in a wheelchair and hangs out further up Pineapple Walk.

  • AEB


  • GHB

    So it’s OK that he whipped it out in front of children???

  • David on Middagh

    It’s you, isn’t it.

  • Derick

    Maybe he is a member of the unwashed 47% making a political statement?

  • Joe A

    Read the story again. He didn’t “whip” it out in front of children.

  • Joe A

    No, I only urinate on MonroeOrange’s stoop.

  • Hicksup

    He’s still identifiable regardless if the blog showed his face or not.

  • Henry

    Is he a tall grey haired guy? Sorry to hear he got hurt by the last post but im sure that drunk staggered into traffic.

  • Andrew Porter

    He showed up at the last BHA meeting and started to make a long incoherent comment before he was cut off.