Alleged Assailant in Montague Street Stabbing Claims He Received Obscene Text from Victim

During his arraignment yesterday for the stabbing of Yaakov Pfeiffer, alleged assailant Andriy Komynar claimed he did while defending himself during a dispute:

NYDN: Komynar was owed the money for five days of labor and, after three weeks of not getting paid, asked about it in a text message, said prosecutor Wilfredo Cotto. “F— you,” Pfeiffer , 36, replied.

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  • Cindy Sm

    Given all the witnesses I have been
    able to talk to, this indeed WAS a basic
    Pay dispute.

    But all of this raises a LOT of very serious

    Who exactly ownes this property, what
    are the business practices involved
    What is the nature of the work force,
    For example how vulnerable are they?

    At the moment the “stabbing” was a
    bank robbery was taking place at the
    TD bank?

    See, ALL this teaches a basic powerful
    Lesson…you don’t like what Montague
    St has or is becoming?

    Well when you change the people,
    You Change the street….
    Cindy S

  • Cindy Sm

    Remember when a group of “gentlemen”
    ..from a nearby ocean facing community
    Walked into the basement food establish-
    Ment at Clinton for Montague? Remember
    When a group of similar group felt safe
    Enough to simply walk up a stab a resident
    To DEATH at 101 Clark? And simply walk?
    Well, why don’t they feel safe to so act
    In say..Bensonhurst? ….And when any
    Incidents happen what does the “respec-
    Ted/revered leaders of the Heights do?
    They cluck…Amazing you call yourselves
    Men..Hey there are hundreds of violent
    Incidents on records that girls far smaller
    Than me have stopped.