Daily News: R Train Service to be Restored Monday

According to the Daily News, a “transit source” has said that R train service through the Montague Street tunnel connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan, which has been closed since last October to repair damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, will resume this coming Monday, September 15. If true, this is heartening news, as it will re-establish another connection between the Heights and Manhattan, and relieve pressure on other subway lines. Thanks to reader “Annieisms” for the tip.

Now if they could just fix that Clark Street elevator!

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  • Eric


  • Quinn Raymond

    Awesome. Now, what are we doing as a community to address climate change?

  • Heights Observer

    OK, as you’ve thrown out the question, what do you suggest?

  • Quinn Raymond

    I am a big proponent of the David Owen approach:

    In plain English, we need to encourage transit-oriented development and higher density where possible. Obviously a lot of our area is landmarked so we’re not going to be able to (or want to) increase density in those parts. But when we have the opportunity to do it in non-landmarked areas (BPL, BBP, etc) we should.

    Whatever happens on the LICH site (and it should absolutely have a hospital) we need to get rid of that monstrous parking garage and leverage the full potential of the site.

    And we need to get rid of these ridiculous mandatory parking minimums in new developments. There’s already an exemption in downtown brooklyn, we need to make it city-wide.

    The other side of this coin (and one that Owen articulates well) is that we need to make the city more livable as it grows. That means improving/expanding the schools, planting trees, etc.

    And we can’t sacrifice our historic legacy in the process.

    There are other things we can do city-wide (require more energy audits, etc) but really the path forward is density and transit.

  • dorachild

    It is possible that this just might be true. On Thursday evening there were many MTA security guards that were standing on the street by the stairs that lead to the entrance of the R train on Clinton and Montague Street. I asked one of the security guards what was happening. He told me that there were putting the finishing touches on restoring service on the R train and that they were testing to make sure that everything was in working order. So we can just keep our fingers crossed that this really happens!

  • Mary

    Hoopla! Great. As for the Clark St. elevators, 2 were out yesterday and the crush was intense.

    I agree with Mr. Raymond that density/public transit ratios are central to city planning. The problem in our area is, we’re already packed. Building up around the landmark district increases the stressors on all services. I disagree with him that the library, LICH and park planning should include high rises and skyscrapers, which create more intense wind activity and are difficult to evacuate quickly.

  • http://www.incase.org Peter Myers

    In the article about Junior’s NOT being sold, it said 30 high rise condos went up in that area. Big rally for Green Party on Sunday at 4:30, gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins is a good guy.

  • Carlotta

    Big march on climate change Sept. 21 in Manhattan and world wide. http://peoplesclimate.org/

  • Jorale-man

    I’m very curious to see if they’ve done any upgrades on the station or if their work was solely on the track and tunnel. That platform and entrances were in really rough shape. We’ll see if it looks any different now.

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    It was great to resume my normal commute from a fresh and clean Court Street Station to 8th Street in Manhattan.

    Thanks, MTA!