Open Thread Wednesday 9/10/14

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  • cindy s

    Well, no surprises on Tuesday…

    There IS something going on which
    of interest; a twenty something is in
    The apt under us and she has a land-
    lord/tennant law practice she keeps
    telling me how much the real estate
    management community is using
    the Adult Protective Services to re-
    move the elderly, people with man-
    ageable disabilities from desirable
    Apartments on which they are pay-
    ing way under market. They end up
    Quickly in nursing homes where
    They take their Soc Sec payments.
    The source appears very credible.

  • johnny cakes

    I bet she is proud of herself.

  • johnny cakes

    I mean, I hope she isn’t engaged in the behavior of victimizing old folks.

  • CookieGuggleman

    Isn’t that illegal?

  • Mary

    I checked the APS website. This is part of their mission statement:

    “..Physically and/or mentally impaired adults who are at risk of harm can get help through the Adult Protective Services Program (APS). APS can arrange for services and support to promptly remove risks and help clients live independently and safely within their homes and communities. APS clients can be referred by anyone..”

    If unscrupulous landlords are “referring” tenants to APS and then APS acts as the agent to move tenants out of their homes and communities, APS would appear to be in violation of their own mandate.

    P.S. Wouldn’t this have to go before a judge or magistrate?

  • TMS

    Cindy, I would like to talk to you about this further. How can I reach you?

  • Andrew Porter

    Duck and [ground] cover?

  • cindy s

    I’m on line with client, but on investiga-
    Tion, his has already developed into a
    major situation in the Heights, be back

  • cindy s

    OK I’m back; Well, for a while there
    have a series of major and landlord
    Tennant cases in Manh. Involving
    VERY Suspicious APS activity. Always
    With elderly or impaired and NOW
    this scam has resulted in several
    Cases in the Heights. One case
    I found resulted in the case being
    Brought into FEDERAL court.
    So this is NOT a small matter from
    what I can learn.

  • Doug Biviano

    Dear BHB Readers and Voters,

    Congrats to Jo Anne Simon in her victory. May the people of the 52nd always be her top priority (assuming breezes thru general).

    I don’t think the BHB wants me to post too many links so I can’t post my entire thank you letter to the community, but here is a link to it on my website:

    There are also a few expenses that we could use help with if you would be kind enough to help us wrap things up financially (link on my website as well).

    Thank you and see you in the neighborhoods.

    Doug Biviano

  • ujh

    To those complaining bitterly about the popularity of Brooklyn Bridge Park:
    You will soon have BBP all to yourselves again, without interference from unwanted visitors. Today (Wednesday), between 11 am and noon, I counted fewer than ten pedestrians on the wide walk/bikeway between Pier 5 and Pier 1 (excluding visitors entering from Old Fulton Street and boat passengers), one person lying on the Harbor View Lawn, and two mothers and their infants on the Bridge View Lawn. The roller rink on Pier 5 was closed and only a handful of ball players occupied the courts.

  • DoBro84

    Did my morning run on the greenway today between 6 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. Didn’t keep count but there were easily 50 runners on the greenway during that time. P.S. The roller rink is on Pier 2

  • AEB

    What is it about pols that make it impossible for them not to talk about themselves, even–or perhaps especially–in defeat?

    Taking a vow of silence would, at such a time, be the least they could do.

  • Jorale-man

    I was out there around 7 and probably saw 20 or 30 folks in a half-hour. I have noticed that the picnic peninsula is looking a lot cleaner in the mornings now that the biggest crowds have disappeared. Fewer remnants of the previous nights’ barbecue dinners strewn about the area. I’m not looking forward to winter though.

  • cindy s

    Re: TMS & Mary;
    The reports of APS targeting the Elderly
    and impared started about 8 years ago
    from inner city neighborhoods. But now
    there have apparently been several
    Major incidents inside the Heights. In-
    cluding one case in which APS used
    the device of threatening an impared
    person who refused to vacate with
    an Article 81proceeding in which
    He was faced with appointment
    Of a guardian. So not only were
    going to lose their apartment,
    but their entire estate would
    Be sezied…

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    It’s marathon training season.

  • johnny cakes

    Shazzam. Keep an eye on your older good neighbors.

  • cindy s

    This Does warrent further invest.
    I recd two calls on this from the
    BHB posts so…..

  • johnny cakes

    This could have been your Vice-President. Brawl, baby, brawl. Just sayin’

  • cindy s

    Abuse of the elderly or the impared
    Is always a serious subject.

  • T.K. Small

    Working with APS is hit or miss. Regrettably, it all boils down to the competency of the caseworker. Some of them are excellent and work in the best interest of the person needing assistance, others are possessed with their bureaucratic powers and are abusive.

  • Heightsman

    Well what do you know? They opened Squibb Park today since they put a fence up to block the bridge traffic. Perhaps “they” read this blog….

  • cindy s

    Given what I’ve been told, its a lot more
    Than that, APS demanded entry to a woman
    on Henry st, this after a classic rift with her
    Landlord, which she won, APS Said she
    Needed A “deep cleaning”, next thing there
    was a Pile of her possessions on the street
    And, by the way, her FINANCIAL records
    just happen to VANISH!!! Now, exactly who
    “Referred” her case to APS…APS Won’t
    Say…agency policy…..

  • Cheryl

    I work at the NYC dept for the aging. You can always refer cases of elder abuse to us through 311. Incapacitated people with no family to care for them end up as APS clients and after a lengthy court process a judge can appoint a guardian. There are BAD guardians who sometimes get $$$ to get clients out of apartments on behalf of the’s ugly but it does happen…