Rep. Ed Towns and Courier Life Donation – Do We Care? : Follow the money. That old journalistic mantra might be as applicable to Brooklyn’s competitive newspaper market as it was to Watergate, now that the Sheepshead Bay’based Courier-Life chain is revealed to have been giving thousands of dollars to the politicians it routinely covers.

While Towns is fending off two attackers this election season, we ask ourselves is a $2650 donation (as Towns reportedly received from Courier-Life publisher Dan Holt) enough to get any "favors" out of anybody?

The reality is we're more curious about Town's voting record  — when  he shows up — than we are about some "newspaper" stuck in the 20th century trying to "buy" politicians (and really should something that's one step below the Pennysaver be subject to the same ethics as the NY Times?). 

What we should be laser focused on is that Towns has split too many times from the Democratic position on key votes for our taste.

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