Joralemon Street “Saved” by CBS2’s Morry Alter – Brooklyn Cobblestone Street Finally Gets Repairs Checking my CBS2 email this morning, I spotted one slugged "Brooklyn Cobblestone Street Actually Being Repaired." I'm fully capable of not remembering the story I did yesterday. But this one rang a bell. Linda DeRosa had emailed us back in January about the sad state of her "lovely Joralemon Street" in Brooklyn Heights. She told us about the 19th Century cobblestones in terrible disrepair, how when the Department of Transportation did show up, all they did was slather asphalt, covering up the 19th century stones. This is Brooklyn Heights. Enough said? People live here for it's historic character. Their Willowtown Association (Willow runs into Joralemon), had been battling for years to get the city to restore the surface to it's original glory. But, nada.

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Thanks Morry! Sometimes it takes a bold man to motivate the DOT. And kudos to the Willowtown Association for not only getting out the support to keep the street "pretty" and historic but safe as well.

As a matter of fact, we took a stroll this morning (8/5/06) and checked out the action for ourselves.  Nice work! 

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