Watch Candidates for the 52nd Assembly District Talk The Simpsons, Buzzfeed and Netflix at Brooklyn Heights Blog Debate

All politics is local – but how connected are politicians to “the locals?” Most everyone we know has watched The Simpsons, is either addicted to or hates Buzzfeed and they’ve definitely binge watched something on Netflix (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black etc).

BHB Candidate Interviews: Jo Anne Simon | Pete Sikora | Doug Biviano

So during BHB’s 52nd AD debate on Tuesday, your humble publisher thought it would be a good idea to ask the candidates about those topics. Heck, it’s what you’re talking about with “Bob” from accounting at the office Keurig machineā€¦ right? Behold our video of their responses, which might surprise you.

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  • NeighboorHood

    As humorous as this might seem, does it strike anyone else as a kind of a waste of the limited amount of time the public was given to question these candidates on issues of actual importance. I saw a list of all the really great public questions submitted to the Bugle/BHB prior to the debate and then saw afterwards that they ran out of time and couldn’t include most of them. Well we lost the opportunity to ask 4-6 of them right here. I appreciate the BHB hosting the debate and realize many relevant questions were asked/answered that may not have been if not for their hosting, but this is a problem I’ve seen emerge in recent years in debates right up to Presidential level. The need to entertain detracts from the already dwindling amount of time our politicians grant us lowly voters to ask questions and get answers.
    Thanks for letting me vent! Now, back to Treme on Netflix.
    Waylon Smithers
    Sr. Executive Assistant

  • marshasrimler

    Joanne Simon was the most knowledgable, articualate and reasoned of the candidates. I am a strong supporter and think she will do a great job
    Doug speaks the truth about the cesspool of money and politics that is destroying our
    quality of life. Pete is a paid lobbysit who repeats the Working familes party line
    He will not stand up to Brad Lander his patron who described the destruction of our library as creative or his other patron one term Mayor bill who used LICH to get elected and then dropped the ball…

  • BrooklynBugle

    Every debate asked the same questions. The real test of a person’s character is how the handle the unexpected. Look closer at the excerpts posted here and elsewhere on the site and you’ll pick up on some of those moments. Life is unscripted.

  • Doug Biviano

    Thank you ;-)

  • ujh

    I voted in the readers’ endorsement poll. Today is Sept. 6, but I can’t find the link to an update?

  • brooklynheightsblog

    “view results”

  • cindy s

    In the debate Jo Ann made an amazing
    Statement which nobody reacted to;
    “look I’m going to win this race” …an
    Absolute kind of get used to it/its a fate
    Compli. Doug is a good guy and he’s
    accurately pointing to the hidden
    structure of influence but he doesn’t
    Know what is above that structure so
    He can only point to the very lowest
    Level(s) of the real, well he’s never
    Apparently had any real connection
    with banking or a law practice which
    would let have a glimpse of the true
    Upper levels..