Henry Street Traffic is Nuts

From Brooklyn Record: One reader, who resides on Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights, wrote in to voice his concerns about the "reckless driving of commuters and delivery trucks flying down Henry Street to the BQE." He's also contacting the Brooklyn Borough's Commissioner's Office of the DOT, as well as his local Congresswoman, State Senator, and Assemblywoman, in hopes of getting speed reducers installed on the street between Atlantic Avenue and DUMBO.

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  • yo

    never gonna happen. They should “repave” henry street with cobblestones – that would slow everyone down

  • Lisa

    The traffic on Henry and Hicks is horrible. There are 2 schools on Hicks, so many people on Henry. I want so badly to fight for speed bumps, signs or something. The population in BH is growing by the second. We need to do something before another bad accident happens.

  • http://www.petebrush.com pbdotc

    it is past time for action on henry / clinton st traffic. the first step is getting the police to ticket noise and traffic violations. once about ten or so $300 noise citations get written, the word gets out.

  • Teddy

    You have to be careful with the design of speed bumps as they produce noise (from the vehicle as it “hits” the bump). A speed table is a type of speed bump with a central plateau which is both long and broad. It may include a pedestrian crossing. This would produce the least noise and is less likely to cause damage to a vehicle than the standard speed bumps you’ve seen before.

    Anyway, I agree it’s time that the DOT do something on Hicks St. and Henry St. (maybe Clinton St. as well).

  • jmh

    They could fix the lights so that observing the speed limit allows you to flow through… and the Joralemon light is on a hair-trigger with a one-second yellow.

  • http://bccy.blogspot.com frelkins

    the only solution for these streets is to reverse their directions at clark, so that up to clark they go one way, and then at clark they reverse and go the other. this will allow local traffic to use them, but make them useless for thru traffic to the BQE.

  • bornhere

    I’ve been whining about the noise forever (it wasn’t this bad in the 80s). After some back and forth, I received this e-mail assurance from Joseph Palmieri, a “Borough Commissioner” at DOT:

    “This is in response to your e-mail regarding your request for a “No Trucks Except Local Deliveries” sign on Henry & Montague Streets, Brooklyn.
    Our Brooklyn Borough Engineering Office has completed their investigation. As As a result a “No Trucks Except Local Deliveries” sign will be posted at the intersection of Cadman Plaza West and Henry St. This is where Henry St. intersects with the local truck route. It will help with enforcement of trucks using Henry as a cut thru to Atlantic Avenue, which is also a truck route.
    This work has been added to our existing schedule and will be completed by
    November, 2007.”

    I keep meaning to see if there is a sign at CPW and Henry whenever I’m at that end of the Heights; if there is, it has made no difference. Isn’t Court Street a good alternative for trucks heading south to Atlantic?

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.”

  • bornhere

    Sorry about splitting the copying/pasting. The “thank you” is obviously from Palmieri.

  • nabeguy

    Here, here, bornhere. I’ll check for the sign and let you know, even though there is no real “intersection” at CPW and Henry Street. It’s more like a wide right turn off of CPW and I’m having difficulty imagining where they could place a sign that would be visible enough for truckers to heed it. The real question is, how would this be enforced? Would a cop have to follow a truck all the way from CPW to Atlantic Avenue before ticketing them?

  • izzy

    I hope you people are happy drivers ARE getting fined 1000 dollars plus plus yes hard working drivers that are only working for a living and are faced with the choice of doing 10 deliveries and following the truck route
    (and losing their jobs) that doesnt make sense or doing 30 dliveries and getting these unfair and cruel fines the truck route makes drivers go in circle which causes congestion and pollution and because they cant do their jobs their are only more trucks added to do the same jobs and you the consumer pays for it as a truck driver I dont want to drive in brooklyn and many drivers are giving it up thanks to you people that are making them into criminals for only doing their jobs truck drivers are even being given summonses on the truck route you can thank the rediculous truck route for bunching up all the trucks on one street the truck route makes trucks burn much more fuel by making them circle and circle around the city and you the consumer is paying for it experienced drivers are losing their lcenses and putting inexperienced drivers on the street I think you should outlaw trucks in ny and go shopping in jersey