Monty Q’s Shut Down by Health Board

base.jpg"Tom" reports in a BHB discussion that Monty Q's has reportedly been  shut down by the Board of Health, racking up a whopping 56 violation points (almost 30 more than needed to close an establishment).

Other BHB readers tell us that Monty Q staffers are rushing to get the restaurant back up to code.

Full list of Monty Q's violations from inspection on December 29, 2006.[Board of Health website] 

UPDATE:  Tom Callan, a photographer from the Brooklyn Paper, reports that he was slapped by a Monty Q's staffer as he tried to snap photos of the closed eatery.  

Brooklyn Paper: Smacked! Paper Shutterbug Hit on the Job:“ This guy came out and started yelling,” said Callan. “I told him what I was doing was legal, but he started whacking me with papers that he was holding.”

Callan kept on shooting, and the man eventually ran back into the restaurant. Callan asked for his name, but the man ignored him.

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  • mcleaniac

    Interesting … according to the BOH website, the only neighborhood establishment with more violations is the “sister store” Court Order, with 66 after an inspection last week. Yet Lassen & Hennings received an 8 in its last inspection (in August). I wonder if the Calfas forgot to grease palms and give the BOH its annual “Christmas present?”

    Wow, when did I get so cynical?

  • Claude Scales

    There’s a non-cynical interpretation: perhaps the Bloomberg administration has gotten serious about stopping corruption at the DOH, so greased palms and Christmas presents no longer work.

    I know, dream on …

  • Here_too_long

    Have you looked at the BOH inspection of Lantern? Delicious food, but ew…. and how ’bout Andy’s? They were almost closed due to infestations but were reinspected a week later and passed.
    Good thing all of our restaurants are closing … they have some seriously major BOH issues! (except Heights Cafe, who always passes with flying colors!)

  • M. Hermann

    Criminy, Tom, you’ve gotta quit being so popular!

    For once, I feel safe covering homicides and fires.