Taze: Initial Report

360721631_681d80dc10_m.jpgI may not have the refined tastes of Mrs. Fink, but I know a good or bad meal when I eat it. Craving something outside the usual burgers and fries standard I've been having lately, I and a companion decided to pop up into Taze on Montague between Henry and Clinton. I never had a chance to dine here when it was "Kapadokya", so I cannot make a comparison, but the food at "Taze" was tasty enough, and at reasonable prices, with dinner entrees averaging around $12-14. The staff was very green; They were friendly but quite nervous it seemed. There were a fair amount of people dining there last night, so it wasn't one of those uncomfortable "where is everyone?" kind of atmospheres. 

I started off with the babagunus, which had a stronger eggplant flavor than what I'm used to, but it went well with the warm, fresh bread they served. For those who loved the Mixed Grill ($18) at the previous incarnation, it's still on the menu. Myself, I decided to order the Manti ($12.50), a traditional Turkish/Central Asian dish of beef dumplings in a spicy yogurt and dill sauce. The sauce was delicious with a fairly strong dill component (something I'm not usually a fan of, but it worked very well here). The beef dumplings were smaller than what I was expecting. Imagine lots of little dough balls instead of the large bulging shapes you usually think of when you hear "dumplings". It was good, but I fear there wasn't enough beef in them. My companion had the spinach in yogurt sauce ($12.50), which had a similar sauce as the Manti, sans the dill. The spinach could've been cooked a little less, as it reminded me too much of the canned variety, but it was pretty good all the same. If you order the saucier dishes, make sure you get more fresh bread to sop it all up.

 We had a dessert, naturally it was baklava. Having had every version of baklava from Greek to Ethiopian, I actually detest it at this point, but thought it would make a good test. This version was a strange one for me, as there weren't a lot of nuts, and it had a strong cheese taste, which I don't recall ever encountering before in baklava. At $7, though, I don't know if it was really worth it.

All in all,  I was satisfied, though there is room for improvement (make it spicier!). I am fully aware of the difficulties of starting up a restaurant — who hasn't read Kitchen Confidential or watched Big Night? — so my expectations weren't that high for a place barely in existence for a week. If you decide to try it out, be aware as of last night they still didn't have their credit card processing machinery configured and running (overheard two of them discussing how to set it up properly), and the sign said it would be a few days before it was ready. So bring enough cash! I recommend checking it out.

Anyone else eat here yet? Care to share your review?

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  • JD

    Ordered in from there last night first time since they opened. If you think Kapadokya was bad, this place is worse. Continuing with their tradition I only got half of my order delivered and they had to come back. The Iskender Kebab consisted more out of bread than anything else. I grew up in a country where Turkish food is what Chinese food is over here. Taze is overprized and the food was tasteless. Dont go there. I threw out the menu.

  • dk

    I am already a regular at TAZE. My husband and I love the decor, the friendly staff and the great food. We have tried the cabbage leaves and the manti and found it delicious and plenty. My in-laws loved the salmon kebab, it was cooked perfectly. We decided we’re not going to decide our favorite dish until we’ve tried it all!!!! As far as the prices are considered keep in mind that you’re not eating fast-food. I think you should also keep in mind that they are new and give them a break. TAZE is on my FAVORITES list.

  • SK

    I’ve been to TAZE three times since they opened. The lamb shank (lamb with eggplant) is a sight to see before you eat it. I have never felt more at home in any restaurant. I found their food delicious and plenty. I am definitely going back and bringing my friends too!!

  • JANE

    we’ve been to taze 5 times already DECOR =MODERN A+

  • Guy

    TAZE- What a Great Resturant! The food is allways so Fresh and wholesome I can’t stop eating there,especially the fish! The ambiance is nice and the greeting at the door is allways warm and frendly.
    Try it you’ll like it!


    AWESOME !!! Best Mediterranean food i’ve ever had. Great atmosphere and excellent service. Waitstaff made me feel like Home.Keep up the good work guys.