Someone Who Hates Obama is Defacing Brooklyn Heights Area Mailboxes

A BHB reader has uncovered what could be an Obama hate group conspiracy or the work of one really bored person. You decide:

I just saw a very curious thing, and thought it would interest you.

Someone has been tagging an anti-Obama message on at least 2 different mailboxes on Hicks Street. And they are far apart. One in Brooklyn Heights, and one on the other side of the BQE, in Carroll Gardens, or Red Hook, or wherever that location is considered to be. Which leads me to think there might well be more of them.

Here are photos I took with my phone of the 2 mailboxes:

Weeks ago I had spotted the mailbox with it on the corner of Pierrepont & Hicks [photo above], and was annoyed.

So imagine my surprise when a little while ago I saw the same thing on another mailbox at the corner of Union & Hicks [photo below].

The same message, in the same position, in the same style of tag-like handwriting!

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  • Concerned Heightser

    The problem of defacing property aside, what makes the person or persons scrawling “Obama sucks” a hate group and, by implication, the words themselves hate speech?

  • NeighboorHood


    Go Back to criticizing lame NYT Editorial on Park Real Estate Swindle. Nice try John. Seems like the readers were fairly engaged in that particular story, no?

  • petercow

    I walk my dog on that route. It’s been going on for more than a couple of years.

    Let them rage – their guy lost (twice). That’s all that matters.

  • Maggie

    there’s another one on the mailbox at Livingston and Clinton

  • miriamcb

    As I recall, during the election there were also Romney comments scrawled on those mailboxes.

  • August West

    While I do not condone graffiti it it is good to know someone else shares my opinion.

  • Rick

    Clearly what the person wanted to write was:
    “What the obstructionist Republicans are doing to Obama sucks.”

    But he didn’t have enough room except for the last two words.

  • GHB

    Defacing property like this is a disgrace. I do look forward to a new administration, however.

  • Quinn Raymond

    Philosophical question: does posting up the graffiti on the internet bring more attention to it?

    Also Obama is awesome.

  • TonyWestfield

    Quinn, the answer to your question is “yes”: The graffiti gets more attention because it was posted on the internet. Notice that I don’t repeat the graffiti in question–such an unpoetic and childish way to express an opinion, don’t you agree? Two footnotes…One, if your question is “philosophical,” then what word do we use for the truly significant, formative questions? Two, it is shameful to deface a mailbox (or other property) to denigrate our President, who would undoubtedly rank among the smartest college students I’ve met in recent weeks.