Open Thread Wednesday 8/13/14

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

Photo: Mrs. Fink

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  • MonroeOrange

    thank you Mr. Gristedes!

  • MonroeOrange

    its a bike lane..stay out of it and you won’t get hurt…whats the issue?

    and yes…a fancier bike probably weighs lighter moves faster….

  • David on Middagh

    It’s just the ghost of Robert Moses. He won’t eat much.

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    Does anyone know what the deal is with the Plymouth cafe on Henry? Rude owners, nothing is ever fresh and they are never open. Such a weird, BIG space for something so pointless. Would love for a book shop or a GOOD coffee house to open up…anything other than Italian/sushi or nails.

  • miriamcb

    I think somewhere else on this blog, it’s been mentioned that the owners of the building possibly run that space.

    You know what big spaces in this neighborhood get designated for… :) Maybe we should thank them for staving off another drugstore?

    I totally agree with you though.

  • Michelle

    Can anyone recommend a relatively inexpensive lot for monthly parking within walking distance of BH? Thanks!

  • miriamcb

    I meant to actually post on here – thank you to whomever keeps up the gardening at the property on the corner of Montague Terrace and Remsen. It is so great to walk past on the way off/onto the promenade!

  • AEB

    It’s the damnedest place, isn’t it? Long with little depth and, well, decorated here and there with food items. Hard to imagine going there as a conscious act.

    Sign is nice, though.

  • Katie

    I just signed up for alliance parking at 238 Atlantic Ave. I had to pay 12 months upfront to be affordable but it came to $233/month and its a garaged lot with attendant.

  • Simon


  • Kenji Takabayashi

    I really hope we get something that makes sense there. Simon, I don’t know that the size would be fitting for the library, but I did mention book shop…

  • BrooklynBugle

    send it over if you can

  • miriamcb

    I don’t have the video (you might ask the super) but you can get a picture of the piece of fencing that is missing. The building has put up caution tape and cones over the posts that were cut through. You can see the camera is trained right on the fence part that is missing and I know they filed a report with the 84th.

  • David on Middagh

    Is everything okay at 32 Middagh? An alarm has been sounding intermittently the past few days.

    I think they’ve had furnace trouble before; this might be a CO detector in the basement. (It’s three high tones, repeating. There it goes again as I type.)