Heights Flashback: Old School Montague

Photo by Melanie Hope Greenberg

Photo by Melanie Hope Greenberg

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  • joe

    I prefer the old school montague. BTW where is this exactly? I can’t seem to picture where this maps presently.

  • MadeInBrooklyn


  • lifer

    Would that be where happy days diner and the comic shop is?..

  • bornhere

    Love it — especially that the realty office is TINY compared with the two other shops. Hard to remember when Perelandra was so small ….

  • bornhere

    (Pearle, the upstairs frame store, and Heights Kids.)

  • exclark andwillow

    I remember the ice cream shop on montague a couple of doors down from the St George Pizza (henry & mont). It was like a Carvels(sp). They has soft ice cream you could dip in chocolate shell or caramel.

  • http://mermaidsonparade.blogspot.com melanie hope greenberg

    joe. I just googled 154 Montague St. The stores there now are Daphne Art, Area Kids and Pearle Vision Center.

  • hoppy


    I assume you envisioned some irony when framing this photo? ;)

  • joe

    Thanks Melanie, my guess was area kids so it looks like I’m not so confused as I often think I am.

  • weegee

    BR always had that model train set behind the plexi-glass, with the push-button whistle sound effect. Awesome. And, of course, the miniature NY Mets helmet sundae cups.

  • Andrew Porter

    ExClark&Willow, there actually was a Carvel on Montague, on the north side of the street, part of what is now the newly deceased WaMu and real estate office.

  • Anonymous

    When was the picture taken? I remember the realty office when I got here in the early 90s.

  • http://mermaidsonparade.blogspot.com melanie hope greenberg

    Hi Anonymous. I’m guessing this was the mid to late 80’s when I was (still am) doing commissioned 3-D illustrations of people’s brownstones or the blocks they live on.

  • brooklynite

    i loved BR. i was so upset when they closed.

    does anyone have a picture during easter time of the baby chicks that used to be in the window of the old gas company building where the sovereign bank is now??

  • Fleur

    This charming photo is of the original Perelandra. a tiny shop upstairs at 154 Montague Street. Now located on Remsen Street, it is the largest Health Food Store of its type in the city. It is still owned and run by the original ownder.

  • sue

    But this doesn’t top when BR was on the corner of Henry and Montague Street, where Ann Taylor is now. That corner became a huge “hang out” (I even saw Matt Dillon there with the neighborhood scruffs once).

  • Publius

    Ann Taylor Corporation recently announced that between 2008-2009 it woud close 163 stores, including 27 LOFT stores.

    The Montague St. location never seemed busy and if it’s like other Montague St. locations, perhaps the writing’s on the wall.