Open Thread Weekend 3/6/09

Flickr photo by flickit

What’s on your mind? Comment away and don’t forget to Spring Ahead this weekend!

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  • bornhere

    Does anyone know what the story is with the scaffolding at St Ann’s (on Montague)?

    Neat picture, flickit. (As are your other shots on flickr.)

  • Nelson

    yes, the church structure is such poor condition that it might literally just fall down….however it is a landmark and has few parishoners and no money to do any repairs….think Obama could send some of the newly printed money to help them?

  • nobody

    Saw Jennifer the dogwalker this morning on hicks riding her bycyle with two dogs in the middle of the street in tow with cars passing. After all the controversy about the pictures with her on the vespa I would have thought that stopped. Do the dog owners not know about the way their dogs are being walked? If this would be my dog I would fire her instantly and probably ask for part of my money back.

  • Andrew Porter

    Nelson, the church is also the site of the first stained glass in America. There is a lot of conflict and tribulation associated with this church, not the least of which is the “Arts at St. Ann’s” program, which was forced out and into DUMBO by the church’s actions. Also, if you look at the photo on the cover of Dover’s “Brooklyn In Early Photographs” you can see the soaring spire on the church, which was removed when the subway tunneled underneath in 1904, due to fears over its instability due to vibrations. A great esthetic shame and loss.

    Has anyone noticed the homeless encampment visible from the Promenade, looking east just north of the Clark Street entrance? There’s a big pile of trash between the bushes and the metal spikes of the home directly behind them. In the summer, this is screened from view by the leaves on the bushes. I’ve alerted the 84th Precinct about this.

  • Teddy

    Has anyone noticed that some dog owners are unleashing their dogs? An unleashed Chihuahua was nearly killed this evening on State St. The owner who was nearby acted like everything was alright. This is the 5th time I’ve seen an unleashed dog being walked by his/her owner (3 times in the Heights, twice in Cobble Hill) in the past month. What’s going on here?

  • Just a Neighbor

    So I’m on the Brooklyn Bridge today at about 2:30, having just reached the Manhattan side and noticed 2 police choppers flying very low and circling the bridge. 2 cop cars sped by underneath us with sirens on and then a couple of the small NYPD carts drove over the bridge on pedestrian walkway blocking most of the walkers/bikers. The cops jumped out of their carts and approached a man who was dressed in pajama pants and a long coat, with his hand bandaged up to his elbow, medical bracelets on his other hand and looking very discombobulated. Very surreal moment-anyone got the scoop?

  • No One Of Consequence

    Same as leaving poop unscooped. Irresponsible dog owners creating unnecessary hazards.

  • Monty

    @Andrew, I think you are misinformed:

    St Ann’s stained glass is evidently well-known as early masterpieces of American glass, but is about 200 years too late to be the first ever.

  • Gene

    Yes, I too have noticed dogs off-leash walking down the street in the Heights. It always scares me b/c my two dogs can be unruly when they see other dogs and I’m always scared that they will cause one of these dogs to dart out into the street. Very dangerous and pointless if you ask me. Why not just go to a park or dogrun if you need your dog to be off-leash that badly?

  • Gene

    Does anyone know the deal with all the soccer players/games in Cadman Plaza Park (on the turf section)? Do they have a schedule or do they have to sign up to play there? I like to go to that park with my infant son but the soccer dudes take over the whole field on some days and make it very dangerous for any young children to be there!

  • No One Of Consequence

    I agree with you Gene. It seems to be first come, first served. Unless you’re an infant/toddler, in which case it’s watch out, we’re playing big kid games here.
    There oughta be a law, but then, I think we have enough government intervention happening at this time.