The Brooklyn Eagle Finds the Smoking Gun in the #SaveLICH Battle

When the residents of whatever condo opens on the site of Long Island College Hospital move in, they’ll at least have a comprehensive epitaph to read about the storied institution that preceded them. But when ambulances are replaced with Fresh Direct trucks and they make their first delivery to the One Percenter living in the penthouse, would any of those responsible for the misdeeds detailed by Mary Frost in the Brooklyn Eagle been made to pay the price?

Here’s the set up to her piece. We suggest you read all of it here.

Brooklyn Eagle: Documents show that after taking over LICH in May 2011, SUNY Downstate’s failure to file standard paperwork with insurance companies cost LICH at least $106 million — and likely more.

The process SUNY never carried out is called credentialing. Insurance companies didn’t pay for treating patients at LICH because SUNY never credentialed the LICH doctors under SUNY’s auspices with the insurance companies.

According to hospital administrators and billing companies, carrying out the credentialing process with insurance companies is one of the most basic steps to running any medical practice.

“Credentialing is one of the most important pieces to ensuring hospital revenue remains consistent. Insurance companies only allow doctors to participate if they’re properly credentialed,” a source that does business with SUNY told the Brooklyn Eagle. The company asked not to be identified in this story.

“In May 2011, when SUNY took over, they did not take the time to make sure prior to the [takeover] that the doctors were properly credentialed with the entity SUNY Downstate Medical Center at LICH. They had to be credentialed under SUNY’s umbrella — i.e., tax ID, NPI and the proper services and remit addresses,” the source said.

A Brooklyn physician who was a section chief at LICH for years told the Eagle, “I know for a fact there was never any credentialing.”

“You stand or fall by how good you are at collecting. If you’re not paying attention, you’re going to go broke in a hurry,” he said.

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  • PubliusBklyn

    Holy Frijoles!

  • gbkm

    SUNY knew exactly what it was doing. They were told time & again early on about this issue & DID NOTHING to correct it & collect LICH’s income. Hard to be believe that was an oversight, especially since SUNY quickly & repeatedly pointed to LICH’s lack of revenue as a reason to shut it down. As has been said from day 1, LICH was sabotaged & an excuse for closure was manufactured by the SUNY machine. Now they’re trying to shake down LICH’s patients by going after them for the bills SUNY delayed until after they closed LICH. Criminals belong in jail.

  • Philip Galindo

    And this , my friends, is how government bureaucracies work!

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    No, not the fault of bureaucracy — see gbkm comment — it was deliberate.

  • Rick

    I knew only some of this. Truly appalling.

  • Philip Galindo

    like I said….gubmnt insiders creating an issue to achieve their own insidious goals… welcome to Amerika!

  • Quinn Raymond

    Infuriating and unconscionable.

  • HicksOnHicks

    gbkm does not say this was deliberate. rather he/she assumes it. I on the other hand would assume incompetence rather than conspiracy. I’m sure SUNY downstate cannot attract or pay at the same level as Manahattan hospitals. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

  • HicksOnHicks

    Agreed. If this were a for-profit hospital, do you think they would let $100m go uncollected? They don’t care or have to care because the dumb tax payer will cover the tab

  • Zenger

    It’s Time to Respect the Voters – End Using LICH, Libraries and Building in the Park as Campaign Props

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    I’m sure you’re wrong. I’ve seen too much deliberate malice on the part of SUNY to think otherwise. Read the history of what has been going on in the Brooklyn Eagle and the Red Hook Star Revue to see just what they’ve been up to these last few years.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    And they don’t care and expressly set it up that way so they would have an excuse to sell the LICH property and make a real estate “killing” (pun intentional)

  • Doug Biviano

    Here’s our latest Press Release explaining more of the election deceit with the library, LICH and condos in the park, particularly that county boss Frank Seddio and partner Frank Carone have managed to work his way into Lori Schomp’s TRO case, whether to truly help or to shake down all parties, similar to Berlin Rosen, is to be determined. Carone also represented SUNY and Carl McCall in the LICH real estate deal/Hospital closing. The bottom line is that we need a debate to expose all the candidates relationships with these lobbyists and party bosses so voters know who they are voting for: