The New Yorker Likes Willowtown’s Iris Cafe Store #9

Amelia Lester writes about Iris Cafe Store #9 (20 Columbia Place) in the New Yorker. And she likes it!

New Yorker: We could talk about what, exactly, is in the tangy, lemony sauce that accompanies the ribbons of summer squash dusted with crushed pistachios (avocado and Greek yogurt). Or about the charming way two different desserts—a tiramisu and an Earl Gray crème brûlée—came with raspberries on top, as though the kitchen couldn’t resist a reminder that this was the height of summer. When you’re eating, you won’t much care about the why. Sort of like how the Old-Fashioned will do just fine, thanks.

How about you? Is it one of your go-tos in the neighborhood?

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  • Ann B Chapin

    Am I wrong, or is that the color paint JtH chose for it’s “annex”? Just an observation! ;-)

  • Solovely

    Such a treat to see Iris Cafe in the New Yorker! A well deserved review. A talented team with great dedication to their menu and they are also oh-so-nice, welcoming, and thoughtful. A lovely place to enjoy a meal and the company of friends.

  • zburch

    We had a delicious late dinner there last week. A wonderful addition to the neighborhood. Shishito peppers! Yum!