Blogger Outraged as Brooklyn Bridge ‘Love Locks’ Replaced by Love Garbage

Back in May, the city let it be known to tourists and others inclined to leave “love locks” on the Brooklyn Bridge to cut it out. While the totally ridiculous practice of leaving a gym lock fastened to a public place as a sign of a couple’s devotion has roots going back 100 years, it’s been deemed a nuisance here and other locations around the world.

Just when we thought the world was safe from lovers defacing the Brooklyn Bridge, blogger Jen Jones notice they’ve adopted a new practice:

WYSK: So as I’m reveling in the absence of these “love locks,” a tattered ribbon flapping in the wind catches my eye. Then another and another and another. Next thing you know, I am staring at a long straightaway section of bridge wall that is littered with ragged ribbons, toilet paper, plastic bags, paper receipts, and ear buds that have all been tied on, by hand.
I didn’t think it was possible, but the human desecration of the Brooklyn Bridge had reached a new low… THIS is what tourists have moved on to doing after the city’s lock-down on the locks!
So let me get this straight, you come to visit a world-renowned landmark – one that is often referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” one that has inspired all forms of art, one that took 14 years to build, one that over 20 people died constructing – and you pay your respects by tying your garbage on to it?
I stood there dumbfounded and continued to walk past the stretch of fluttering refuse. That’s when I saw three guys in orange vests and hard hats. I watched them painstakingly cutting and untying every piece of garbage left “lovingly” behind by legions of disrespectful tourists.

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  • effinglovelocks

    preach!!! clean up the bridge!!

  • Andrew Porter

    As I wrote elsewhere, these are the same dumb people who carve their initials into trees in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (and presumably other places) and put graffiti onto statues and mail boxes. The next time I’m on the BB, maybe I’ll bring a pair of wire cutters…

  • Mary

    Locks have weight and compromise structural integrity. Graffiti on and defacement of property are elements of vandalism, which is punishable by fine and/or arrest. Notices can be posted and violations enforced citywide.

    BUT – NYC is currently marketing itself as an anything-goes playground. The Parks Department, DOT, Bridge and Tunnel Authority, and BBP/EDC need to step in and proactively protect these structures and spaces.

    BTW: Have people also notified the BBP and the EDC about the locks on the Fulton Ferry landing fence?

  • JaneonOrange

    I note that this practice is also common around the world….

  • bialy

    This is the sort of tourist grade bull cr*p that we deal with on a daily basis in the “new” and improved BH.. Besides lots of litter, intentional noise, illegally parked cars, loud music until all hours of the night, general disrespect for property and all kinds of other nuisance behavior, this is just another indignity the area must suffer for the sake of progress. There is no progress here. Its disgusting what is being allowed here. The City just spent millions galvanizing and repainting the bridge only to have some selfie loving effen morons put a metal lock on it that will rust out the bridge over time. Plus has anyone seen the ridiculous building blocking on the view of the Bridge from the Promenade. And also the even more ridiculous one in between the BB and the Manhattan B. Are you all asleep at the switch? Those ugly glass aquariums down there are an abomination. Of all places to build ???? Why ruin a true landmark view for the sake of so called progress. Why let unruly visitors and tourists to the area ruin what we have .. Im open to answers here?

  • Craig Roche

    I was surprised that some of the ‘entrepreneur’ types who inhabit the bridge hadn’t figured out that most of the common padlocks have common keys and that brass is $2.50/lb and there were several thousand pounds of it just sitting there….