Willow Street Townhouse Returns to Former (Historical) Glory

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that 113 Willow Street has shed its asphalt shingles and will return to its c. 1820s wood facade. The property was purchased last year for $2.9 million by an area investor group 1113 Willow Street LLC.

Brooklyn Eagle: Now that workers have removed faded ghostly-looking shingles from the front of 113 Willow St., wood planks from a bygone era are there for all the world to see, above a basement floor covered with rosy brick.

“It’s going to be gray, the original color,” a worker told the Brooklyn Eagle of the clapboard uncovered during the renovation project. “The house will be done in three months. The interior is 80% finished.”

113 Willow Street’s wooden facade revealed via Brooklyn Eagle. Click photo for more pictures.

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  • stuart

    that house had to have sold for more than 2.9 million. that figure is not believable.

  • Cranberry Beret

    The house was a mess (just look at the outside original shot, and the interior needed some hefty updates too). The seller was, as they say in the business, “motivated.” The listing went out priced way too high considering the work the house needed. It dragged on and closed right before the end of 2012…I’m sure taxes were a factor. Even with the market’s run-up in the last 18 months, the new owner probably isn’t looking at huge appreciation yet given the renovation costs. It’s not a large house and they’re not doing some Manhattan-expat, one-percenter job. Nor is it the $10 million shingled house across the street.

    But putting all that money nonsense aside, it’s a lovely house and the new owner is lucky to have it.

  • MiniCooper

    Bought by an investment company? Who or what will be living there?