JtH Next Door Serving Oysters, Cocktails, Small Plates Opens in Brooklyn Heights

The long awaited opening of JtH Next Door is here. The satellite of Jack the Horse is serving small plates, cocktails and oysters. Eater NY adds the menu features, “fried goat cheese balls with spiced honey, smoked trout deviled eggs, and roasted brussels sprouts and radishes.” We passed by last night and observed what very well could have been Patron #1 getting ready to order.

The space was previous occupied by Browning Frames and Prints now located in Greenpoint.

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Good luck to Tim and the gang at JtH on this new adventure!

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  • Ann B Chapin

    What a great idea and can’t wait to try it! What are the hours & how much are the oysters?? Love Jack the Horse!

  • Andrew Porter

    This was the original location of Cranberry’s. Also at one time a barber shop, and a video service of some kind run by author Amy Sohn’s mother.

  • BrooklynBugle

    Great info!

  • Andrew Porter

    I tell people when I moved into my building it was a teepee, but somehow they don’t believe me…

  • Elaine Sohn

    Andrew — nice to hear from you! and yes, we had an educational mailorder video/music book business for a few years…. and yes, “amy sohn’s mother” is my most notable identity!!

  • ellymay878

    I hear you.