If Someone Could Climb to the Top of the Brooklyn Bridge and Change the Flag, What’s Next

Just a few days after the NYPD failed to stop vandals from trashing a large swath of Brooklyn Heights, another prankster has changed the flag (update TWO flags) atop the presumably heavily guarded Brooklyn Bridge. Update: The flags were removed around 11:15AM.

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Gothamist: An NYPD spokesperson says, “We’re looking into some possible incident with the flag that’s on the bridge. We don’t know yet, we’re waiting for information from units that responded.” A DOT spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Gothamist also points out that the “white” flag appears to be a faded American flag:

Gothamist photo

BHB contributor/actual newsman Marc Hermann tells us via email:

NYPD ESU is there and handling it. Unauthorized replacement, unknown who did it.

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  • DIBS

    Why is it someone can do this undetected but the NYPD has to close a whole lane of traffic to rectify it??????????????

  • Alec

    When I biked over the bridge every morning, without fail the cop stationed right at the entrance on Tillary street, had his/her face in his iphone. Same with the cop at the Sands St entrance when I came home. How can you be alert for trouble if you are playing Candy Crush? I seriously hope the NYPD makes a rule banning officers from using their cellphones unless for emergencies or while off duty.

  • http://www.cognation.net/ deancollins

    …..uhm….I’d like a refund on my security thanks….looks like they were all asleep at the wheel…..

  • ArtofAnAngel

    A faded American flag…that’s deep.

  • Brixtony

    Whoever managed this event did us all a great favor in exposing the rotten job the NYPD has done in “protecting” the Bridge. Imagine if they’d carried a couple of pounds of plastic explosive and detonated them during rush hour. I believe that Alex has the right idea – cops by the courts and on the bridge seem to be on their (presumably private) phones most of the time.

  • ujh

    Brixtony and Alex, this is nothing new. Ever since NYPD officers (most likely funded by Homeland Security budget) have been stationed at Adams/Tillary, Adams/Sands St ramp merge (and until recently at the foot of the Sands St ramp), attention to what’s going on around them has not been Number One, and during all these years, I’ve seen a cop leave his car at the Adams/Tillary intersection only twice in response to traffic accidents: Once I actually had to rap on the window to get his attention after a collision. It’s either reading the paper, or talking/texting on the phone, or dozing – day in, day out.

  • Andrew Porter

    It was against the law to take photos from the BB during WW2, when Foreign Agents could note which ships were being worked on at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. I remember little posts with signs advising you about this as late as the Vietnam War. Now the cops are too busy using their cellphones to pay any attention to possible flag changers or those sticking locks on the BB.