Brooklyn Beep Adams on Brooklyn Bridge White Flags: I’m Not Laughing; Offers Reward for the Capture of the Vandals

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has released a statement regarding this morning’s flag exchange attack on the Brooklyn Bridge:

“If flying a white flag atop the Brooklyn Bridge is someone’s idea of a joke, I’m not laughing. The public safety of our city is of paramount importance, particularly our landmarks and bridges that are already known to be high-risk targets. We will not surrender our public safety to anyone, at any time. Political and social expression, whatever its message may be, has a place in our society, but not at the expense of others’ security. I am confident in the NYPD’s ability to investigate this matter.”

Update: Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is offering a reward for information about the suspect(s) responsible for flying a white flag atop of Brooklyn Bridge.

Today at 2:30 PM, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams will announce a reward, which he will personally fund, for information leading to the arrest of a suspect or suspects connected with the flying of a white flag atop the Brooklyn Bridge earlier this morning. He will also speak to the importance of the security of the city’s landmarks and infrastructure.

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  • DIBS

    “We will not surrender our public safety to anyone, at any time.”

    You just did.

  • David on Middagh

    A bicycle group I’ve never heard of claims the white flagging is their surrender to the pedestrians (who clog the bike lane).

  • BrooklynBugle
  • David on Middagh

    And yet, they have a point!

  • Martin L Schneider

    What do the white flags tell us? Let us ask:
    How much money in cushy overtime has been thrown away on NYPD cars sitting with flashing lights and pointlessly (unless you count the OT) parked at the entrances to the bridge? For them and for their colleagues in the little boat anchored for years north of the bridge to make sure no submarines or speed boats blow up the bridge, this has been a long, sweet deal. Now, the full hypocrisy of the protection business fashioned and supported so patriotically by Commissioner Kelly and his cohort Mayors is fully revealed as a complete and showy fraud on us, the taxpayers.
    The white flags represent a surrender to political turf warfare and greed.

  • DIBS

    Well said. To me it represents the total incompetence of the whole security circus which, as you point out is largely more “make work” feeding at the governement trough.

  • Peter Loibl

    Is anyone really surprised by this? Have you walked on the Brooklyn Bridge lately? It’s like Thunderdome, with a mix of tourists looking for Grimaldis and bicyclists out for blood. And zero cops, anywhere.

  • Joe A

    Why would you assume the officers are on overtime? Since it has been a regular post for years I would be extremely surprised if it were manned on overtime. But we appreciate your gratuitous knock on police officers for their “cushy” jobs.

  • mac

    How about channeling some of his energy or reward towards the vandals run wild in the heights the other day, or to the cars speeding down any of the neighborhoods small streets, the eternally broken subway elevators, I could go on and on…perhaps it is because non of these will make it onto the “major” news circuit. ugh….

  • deancollins

    uhm Eric….I’d like a refund on my security thanks….looks like they were all asleep at the wheel…..

  • deancollins

    here here – I’d also like to know why 2 manned cars are allowed to idol 24x7x365 outside the Cadman plaza court house polluting the environment for the last 3 years.

    if you are going to put a guard gate there do so but having cars with engines running 24 hours a day is a waste of money and environment.

  • Michael DiPasquale

    Gee…I thought the folks in Brooklyn were tougher than this. These kind of pranks happen at MIT and Harvard all the time. My friends in Cambridge and Boston don’t seem to over react like this.

  • David on Middagh

    You seem to like to comment on The Buffalo News. I’m sure it’s a fine site; why are you abandoning them for us?

  • Andrew Porter

    If you’re talking about the car outside the Federal Court building, at the corner of Cadman Plaza East and Tillary, that’s the GSA, and it’s a Federal thing—nothing to do with NYC.

  • deancollins

    lol i’ll tell my lungs not to worry… that is federal carbon monoxoide I’m breathing….not city.