How the Pranksters Duped NYPD in Brooklyn Bridge Flag Swap Attack

The pranksters, “artists”, terrorists, or hooligans who stole the American flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge and replaced them with white (one bleached) flag last night were clever in their attack. The New York Daily News reports:

NYDN: The vandals apparently used big aluminum pans, “like the ones you cook turkeys with,” to cover the bridge’s lights and their tracks, a police source said.
A 24-hour camera feed from the bridge showed the lights on both towers going dark at 3:42 a.m., and never going back on. By the time the sun rose, the white flags were flapping in the breeze.

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Earthcam may have caught the attack in progress as the photo documents the tower lights being out overnight. What’s still a mystery is how the heavily guarded bridge could be struck like this right under the NYPD’s nose.

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