Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 4 Beach Hazard to be Removed

Last month BHB reader “Liam” alerted us to a potential hazard on the newly opened “beach” at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 4 — metal pillars poking out of the sand. Park officials quickly responded and roped off the area promising that they’d resolve the issue.

DNAinfo reports that those pillars will be removed during low tide today (6/18).

NY1 visited the park this week and filed a report featuring the beach.

Update: Pillars removed!

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  • Jorale-man

    I saw the workers on the beach this morning with a backhoe digging out the area around the metal things.

    On another BBP note, I’ve noticed that their efforts at planting grass on the berm have not been going so well. There’s apparently a big weed problem and they had to cut all the grass out and start over on the west side. And no progress yet on the east side either. Hopefully the second time’s a charm.

  • GHB

    Do you think the berm was really necessary? I think some trees and shrubs would have eventually helped with noise reduction while not taking up valuable park space.

  • C.

    Agree. The berm is such a colossal waste of park space. Should have just encased the BQE like originally planned, effectively making it a tunnel, keeping all the noise out of the park.

  • gatornyc

    Care to venture a guess at the cost difference between building the berm and encasing the BQE?

  • Jorale-man

    Exactly, a sound barrier on the BQE would have made a lot more sense space-wise. What really bugs me about the berm is the fact that it doesn’t even sit back in the eastern edge of the park – it literally bisects that valuable space, and then the back side will become a parking lot. There’s a lot I love about BBP but the berm is one piece of really poor planning.

  • Parker

    It’s a cool feature and is amazingly effective at blocking noise from the BQE, but only in a very small part of the park – you really need to be mid-berm on the water side to enjoy some rare tranquility (assuming heliport traffic has lulled)

    It does come at a tremendous use of otherwise valuable space, but makes for a unique feature of the park; however, I would prefer to have additional lawn or recreational space

    I do wonder what the plan is for when the day comes that the BQE will need to be rehabbed… may not be soon, but eventually, the structure will need to be rebuilt and with the encroachment of park and buildings, it will be an interesting squeeze

    Overall, the park is incredible and the volume of people speaks for itself – great job to the visionaries and hard working crew that build such a unique gem, it’s really an amazing place to visit