BHB Reader Spots Possible Hazard Along Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 4 Beach

A BHB tipster alerts us to a potential hazard on the brand new “beach” at Pier 4 in Brooklyn Bridge Park:

The two girders are poking through the sand at the north end of the beach, close to the typical water line.

A 311 complaint was filed and received this response:

Service Request #: C1-1-970086670
Date Submitted: 05/17/14 5:55:09 PM
Request Type: Maintenance or Facility
Details: Structure – Outdoors
Your Service Request was closed.

The Department of Parks and Recreation has completed the requested work order and corrected the problem.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is not under the jurisdiction of DPR. Complaint has been forwarded to Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corp.

We have reached out to BBP for comment.

Update: Belinda Cape, VP, Strategic Partnerships at Brooklyn Bridge Park lets us know that, “We are aware of the situation, and Operations staff will cordon off the area at the next low tide. Our beach designers are addressing the concern and will propose a solution immediately.”

The next low tide will be tonight at 7:58 PM with another following tomorrow morning at 8:37 AM.

While at the “beach” on Sunday, we didn’t see the girders in question (photo). New attractions at Piers 2 & 4 are scheduled to officially open on Thursday.


Our tipster sends us these photos of work underway today (5/21) on the “beach”:

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  • David G.

    What kind of girder is it?

  • Liam

    I am said tipster and many thanks to Homer for getting the park’s attention and reducing significantly the chances of neighborhood child blood poisoning! The girders are seemingly remnants of the original pier. We love the park and are truly grateful to the staff that run it but it seems curious that these little rusty surprises were left under the sand. Hopefully they’ll be capped off soon.