Danylo Rakowsky, Brooklyn Heights Resident, Inducted into NYS Senate’s Veterans Hall of Fame

Brooklyn Heights resident/Iraq and Afghanistan veteran Danylo Rakowsky has been inducted into the NYS Senate’s Veterans Hall of Fame.

Rakowsky has been an active advocate for veteran’s rights including leading the charge to untangle the mysteries of tax breaks for vets last year:

DNA Info: The confusion has frustrated veterans including Danylo Rakowsky, 31, a Brooklyn Heights resident who was deployed in Iraq from 2004 to 2005.

“We’re given conflicted answers…Who do I turn to?” said Rakowsky, who said that when he bought an apartment a few years ago his co-op’s managing agent was not sure if he qualified for the veterans benefit. “Even the professionals don’t know.”

Rakowsky, who served in the Ohio Army National Guard until 2006, said he was told he was ineligible for the exemption when he asked elected officials of his status. Rakowsky decided to go ahead and apply for benefits in hopes that would qualify.

“I still don’t have a direct answer. I don’t have a direct line to the Department of Finance,” said Rakowsky. “I’m kind of at a crossroads and now I’m just waiting to see if I get rejected.”

Our man in the NYS Senate, Daniel Squadron comments, “Veterans like Danylo are an example of what makes our country so great,” said Senator Daniel Squadron. “His advocacy work on issues affecting veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan — like inconsistent property tax forms — is an exemplary continuation of his service. I’m proud to have him join the Senate’s Veterans Hall of Fame.”

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