Open Thread Wednesday 6/11/14

What’s on your mind? Comment away?

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  • Socioqueen

    Does anyone have the faintest clue why they chopped down the two trees on the corner of Pierrepont and Monroe Pl?

  • Justine Swartz

           The grounds of the beautiful Unitarian Church is infested with rats.
    The superintendent was dragging to the curb, containers filled with black plastic garbage bags. As he lifted one of them a huge footlong rat jumped out and ran by my feet accompanied by my glass-shattering screams. The Super laughed and quips, “watch there will be another one.”
    Damn, if he wasn’t right! 

  • skb

    I’d love to hear people’s top 3 delights re: living in Brooklyn Heights.
    Here are mine:
    1. The way the light hits the brownstones in the early morning
    2. Almost every train will get me home
    3. Cadman Plaza, the secret gem of a little park

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    Your number two is my number one!
    2. An early morning run on the promenade before anyone else is awake.
    3. The history of this neighborhood.

  • panina

    Still loving BH after 43 years here
    1. The sunsets along the Promenade
    2. Observing the beautiful interiors of brownstones
    3. Happy hellos from neighbors and doormen

  • miriamcb

    1. The relative neighborhood feel of BkHeights as compared to Manhattan such as saying hello, businesses that are owned locally and the owners are on hand and pride in property (beautiful flower pots, clean stoops) and unclogged sidewalks.

    2. The promenade.

    3. Access to other parts of the city and proximity to services in the neighborhood.

  • Alec

    if we are talking about the same trees, they sustained heavy damage during Sandy, and perhaps were no longer stable.

  • David on Middagh

    I saw those stumps yesterday and wondered the same. One set of logs did bear a large scar and broken bough. (The other had been removed.)

  • Peter

    3 things I USED to love about Brooklyn Heights.
    1. it was a best kept secret.
    2. It wasn’t a destination of every tourist.
    3. Brooklyn wasn’t cool.

    Having said that I still love my neighborhood. After all nothing stays the same. I have nice memories now.

  • skb

    Peter, I’d love to hear your three NEW things!! Sounds like you’re an important part of our community!

  • Peter

    1.Brooklyn Bridge Park early in the morning.
    2.Kiehl’s lol

    I don’t consider myself an important part of the community
    just a long time resident 24 years.

    but. thanks skb

  • MONI

    1. The easy access to Manhattan, Queens and even L. I.

    2. The sheer beauty of a neighborhood made for walking — on the Promenade, through the tree lined streets, to the farmers mkt and downtown stores, and now to BBP!

    3. My rent stabilized apt with its views from large modern casement windows, its conscientious super, basement laundry room and safe, central location.

  • GHB

    1. The Promenade
    2. The convenience
    3. Sahadi’s

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    1. The “secret” garden I have in our yard at 55 Poplar (Residents plant spices and veggies and the foliage shelters us from the BQE/Bridge traffic)
    2. The gaslit streetlamps on Poplar street
    3. The ease of getting to work from BH to Chelsea Market.

  • skb

    love these. and I sure do get the lol…. Enjoy the evening in our beautiful hood!

  • Mathew

    Top things I LOVE about living in
    the Heights…

    1. The Tourist and Brooklyn Bridge park
    on a Sunday afternoon.

    2. The Dog feces that some pet owners refuse to clean up after.

    3. Marsharimler going on and on and on and on about
    the Library…..

  • Eddyde

    I think you got something wrong.
    Brooklyn was always “Cool” Now it has become popular, which actually detracts from its coolness.

  • Jorale-man

    Good thread, SKB.
    1. The landmarked architecture, meaning that very few modernist eyesores/monuments to bad taste have ruined the streetscapes.
    2. Quiet early mornings; glowing evening sunsets.
    3. The NY Harbor and Manhattan views

  • skb

    One more from me: All of the people in the Heights, especially you here who have added delights all day (….even the sarcastic ones!)
    Thank you.

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    Oh good call on the gaslit lamps. Love those.

  • marshasrimler

    thank you

  • Eddyde

    If you keep looking around the neighborhood you’ll see more, lots more. It stands to reason a affluent area should have only the finest “well fed athletic plump” rats around.

  • jam25

    Equinox when they bother to get the AC to work – I wish I wasn’t the only one complaining about it.

  • Socioqueen

    Indeed. Don’t go out too late at night either, they run the place. Many surmise it got worse after the fake grass was installed in the park, which sent them running to find food sources elsewhere.

  • MonroeOrange

    I don’t think it has got worse, i seem to see the same amount as normal (but i guess it depends on where you live). Yes, though, since the dirt bowl is gone, there are less in the middle of the park, though they are still in all the bushes at the entrances of the park. I remember twenty years ago, they were as big as cats in the park!

    I actually always found it amazing, that we see so many on the streets, yet, i don’t know of anyone who has seen one in their house.

  • lauren

    1. Seeing the richly colored sky from the Promenade as the sun descends. The transition reminds that it is not merely day that is ending, but night that is beginning.

    2. The way that I am still inspired as a photographer to capture familiar scenes in new ways. It seems there is always some new layer of beauty that I had missed before or that didn’t exist hours, weeks, months or years ago.

    3. The centralized location that means I’ll be able to get to most parts of the city in a reasonable amount of time.

    Bonus: The sense that I live near to the swirling, chaotic action of the greatest city in the world without being right in the dead center of it.

  • miriamcb
  • Jane

    Open Letter to the AMAZING women in the white SUV who just offered me a ride in this MONSOON –

    You – Generous, lovely.
    Me – Soaking wet, scared, vaguely insane, having asthma attack, while schlepping bag of groceries and trying to make sure the surprise pre-school graduation gift – Elsa doll ‘natch – stayed dry.

    THANK YOU. I should have said yes but was so close to home and couldn’t think straight. This lovely thread of top three things we love about the Heights? You, ma’am, are at the top of it. Women like you define how neighbors should treat each other. So, thanks again.

    And now? I blow dry my hair, sing “Let It Go” for the zillionth time, and once the shakes stop, smile at a little human kindness right here in our patch of the world.

  • Karl Junkersfeld
  • Andrew Porter

    The kids from St. Ann’s School sit on the steps of the church, hang out and eat stuff there. Across Monroe, courthouse workers and local sun themselves on the wall. The nursery next to the church also produces a lot of garbage. Rats go where the food is!