84th Precinct Police Blotter: Lotta Crimin’ in Brooklyn Heights

While HQ is reliving the 1986 World Series, here’s a round-up of some crimin’ that happened last week in Brooklyn Heights via Brooklyn Daily:

Cat Burglar!

The nimble intruder got on the roof of a building between Orange and Pineapple streets at 1:10 pm and tried to open the door of an adjoining roof, police said.

When he was unable to get it open, he climbed down the fire escape and entered the apartment of a 31-year-old woman through the kitchen window, according to a police report. He grabbed a laptop and ran out of the door, it says.

Who carries $3400 bucks in their purse?

Someone swiped more than $3,000 out of a woman’s purse when she accidentally left it in the bathroom of a Henry Street day care center on May 6.

She said she used the restroom in the kid corral between Montague and Pierrepont streets at 11:20 am and forgot her pink purse. She went back for it at 12:10 pm, and found it stuffed in the garbage can, cops said.

Someone had removed the $3,420 in cash from her wallet and some envelopes that were in the bag, police said.

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  • Andrew Porter

    I used to carry gold bars in my man bag, but discovered hitting people with lead weights makes a more satisfying “thud!” sound…

  • Heights Observer

    Why is it that frequently on this blog, people make light of crime and the victims? This is not the first time I have noticed this. Frankly the title of this article and Mr. Porter’s attempt to be funny seem out of place.

    Would Fink and Porter feel as lighthearted if someone they personally knew were the victims in these incidents?

  • Daddyo

    You’re right, HO. If I personally knew someone carrying $3K in their purse, I’d be worried. Especially if they were a caregiver for a child. Double especially if they didn’t buy lunch…

  • ujh

    Nobody makes fun at the victim. I think we can agree that carrying $3,000+ cash in one’s bag and then forgetting it in a bathroom raises reasonable questions. Such excessive amounts represent a handy deduction on one’s income tax returns.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Biggest crime today is the shutting down of our hospital, LICH. Hopefully, SUNY Trustees, Cuomo, Nirav Shah and the others from the so-called Department of Health will pay for their crimes. But don’t bet on it — when the corruption starts at the top, it’s nearly impossible to correct it.

  • GHB

    HO, while I agree with you on this, sometimes stupidity (as in this case, if it really happened) should be called out. Not to make light of these situations, but you really can’t fix stupid.

  • David on Middagh

    My 3400 bucks!