Kosher Steak Drama Continues

The Brooklyn Paper reports that Mike's Kosher Steakhouse closed over a dispute between owner Mikel Domgjoni and his partner, nabe restaurateur Nando Ghorchian, over back rent.

While Domgjoni hurls accusations of anti-semitisim at his partner in the article written by Christie Rizk, Ghorchian won't hear it telling the writer, "This is total bulls—t. I was going to shut it down because he owes me $50,000! I love Jewish people. My wife is Jewish."

Wait for it…wait for it…

“He’s a criminal!” said Ghorchian, referring to the 42-year-old Domgjoni’s recent arrest on charges that he forced himself on an 18-year-old steakhouse waitress and tried to molest her.

Since making his charge of antisemitism, Domgjoni has remained largely silent, except to say that his partner is “a crook.”

The Paper in its new revamped-ness also has a Brooklyn Heights section with a nice round up of last week's events including the closing of Pig n' Out, Kapadokya (and the coming of Taze),  Fishs Eddy and Palmira's



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