Pig N’ Out Goes to Hog Heaven

pignout2.jpegWord comes to us via Nigel on the BHB message boards that another Heights business appears to have bitten the dust. 

He writes: "Looks like the Pig N’ Out on Henry St. might have gone under as well – there’s a rental sign on the window today (Jan. 8). Will it never end?"

In the last 8 days the nabe has lost Palmira's, Mike's Kosher Steakhouse, Fish's Eddie, Kapadokya and probably a few that no one has noticed yet.

This clearly now is a trend. We'd like to hear your ideas on what needs to be done.

0108072005.jpgUPDATE: CityCrab reports on the BHB message board that Pig N' Out appears to have been evicted for non-payment of rent.  There is a City Marshall's notice posted in the window next to the For Rent sign. We were able to snap a craptastic cell phone photo of the notice.

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  • beth

    Looks like they didn’t pay their rent :( The Marshall seized the place and it is now in “possession of the landlord.” I really liked the vibe of that place. Very sad to see it go. As well as Palmyras, as well as Kapadokya… wail..

  • Andrew

    I also liked the vibe of the place, but the food was not even close to good. And it was pretty expensive, especially considering the (lack of) quality.

    Palmira’s and Kapadokya, while also overpriced (if not horrendously overpriced) weren’t bad, but I rarely ate at either place, because both of them were overly expensive for the food they offered. The only way that all of these recent closing are actually losses to the neighborhood is if the spaces are replaced not with new and good restaurants, but with more banks, nail places or dry cleaners.

  • BklynJace

    Yeah, my wife and I are both big BBQ fans and were hugely excited for Pig N’ Out, but it just wasn’t that good.

    The Restaurant Curse of the North Heights — when will its fell power be broken?

  • KT

    It’s really too bad- to get good food, you need to go to Cobble Hill… Why isn’t there a nice little bakery where you can get a coffee and a croissant anywhere in the Heights? If I had the capital I’d start one myself…

  • http://www.petebrush.com pbdotc

    i tell you what montague street needs: a jamba juice

  • KT

    I know, where can you go if you crave a smoothie? Last time I had to walk all the way to Amazon cafe on Smith.

  • http://kismetdesign.com Carrie

    It’s infuriating. There are so many businesses that the neighborhood needs. How about a gourmet food shop, like Blue Apron in Cobble Hill. Or a neighborhood pharmacy, so you wouldn’t have to schlep to Montague street to get a prescription filled. What we don’t need is Aficionada or Food Maestro. And we definitley don’t need a “Party Place.”

  • beth

    The problem is the rents, isn’t it? Who can afford to stay and do well? If you think places are expensive, high rents are what I would blame.

    No, the places that just closed weren’t perfect, but they had some character. And now they are gone. What will replace them? You really think our neighborhood is attractive to plucky independent restauranteurs? It’s expensive to set up shop, and not really known as a destination to eat or drink (save for a few “destination” spots.) When people go out for a bite and a drink, they do not come to the Heights.

    And as for smoothies, Siggy’s has some great ones and Tutt Cafe can whip one up for you. Support the local independent places… I’d prefer a Siggy’s smoothie to a Jamba juice any day.

  • Margaret

    I have to admit I was horrified when a restaurant called Pig N’ Out opened on my street. However, I’ve ordered out from there many times and will be sad to see it go. As far as a smoothie craving, I’ll say it again – Siggy’s on Henry St. has the best smoothies ever! Also Gristedes has a pharmacy as does CVS. For a coffee and croissant go to CRANBERRIES! They are owned by some very nice people. The coffee and sandwiches are excellent and the croissants are decent. You can also get the NY Times there which is actually hard in this neighborhood to get if you don’t get home delivery. The Party Place is so destined to fail it’s not even funny. Bets anyone as to when?

  • Homer Fink

    My friend Dopeydamus phoned me earlier to say… “The place of party will fail due to something called liability insurance.”

  • Qfwfq

    Is it because commercial rents are particularly high in Brooklyn Heights, or are the rents fairly standard, and these places simply are not doing enough business? Any data out there?

  • http://www.brooklynheightsblog.com BH Rez

    From my experience w/trying to set up a small business in the neighborhood, the rents are ASTRONOMICAL. Asking price for that area is generally around $90 to $100 sq ft, so a 1,000 sq ft commercial space will be about $8,500 to $9,000 per month.

    Not to mention that all these landlords think a AAA national chain is dying to move into their space so they really don’t care about the small biz owner, usually treat them more like a nuisance than a person who is crazy enough to pay over-priced rent.

  • embee

    Is the Tasti Delite on Montague closed as well? It has been the last few times I’ve walked by (midday).

    I love the neighborhood vibe of Cranberries, but sorry, the baked goods are pretty uniformly bad!

  • BklynJace

    Gristedes not only has a pharmacy, but it’s a really good one.

  • beth

    I don’t set foot in Gristedes. Ever. It is a place of misery.

    And I too can’t stand Cranberrys’ baked goods — except for their turnovers, which are triangles of heaven.

  • paul

    cranberry’s scones are awesome

  • http://www.readytoorderguide.com GIANLUCA MARTORELLI

    I Guys,
    I love this talking about our neighborhood because I’m very involved. I have a restaurant somewhere else and I live in thise area. I’m the publisher of Ready To Order? Guide and I’m really trying to make this neighborhood something special. Why Park Slope, why Williamsburg and not Carrol Garden or Brooklyn Heights?
    I speak with all this people and I’ll tell you what for me the problem is.
    Sense of Community.
    That is what I sense everytime I try do talk with them. I really have a lot of respect for Nando of Caffe’ Buon Gusto that seems to help a lot of people that want to start a business in the area with no problem. But let ‘s face. The only restaurant o business that survive are part of a bigger group that wones more of them in the same area because they create sense of community.
    This year I’ m working on listing also Henry Street in the guide and I hope I don’t have to cross out more restaurants from the list.

    Local Advertisement sometimes with my Guide or with any other guide or newspaper could be a start of the solution to make this place a better place. This is not a commercial advertisement that I do but is what I really believe would work here like it really works with my restaurant in Manhattan.
    Open to suggestions

    Gianluca Martorelli

  • Homer Fink

    Thanks for your comment Gianluca. Perhaps you can work with BHB on your idea. Contact me at webmaster AT brooklynheightsblog.com

    Ci vediamo!

  • embee

    Oh, those scones are horrendous! Or at least, they taste nothing remotely like what a scone is supposed to be. Conn. Muffin’s are at least in the ballpark, though not great.

    The CVS pharmacy is nice and the pharmacists generally friendly and helpful.

  • Newbie

    I just moved to the ‘hood from tribeca and I have to say that I love it here but the shops and restaurants are a mind numbing pool of mediocrity. I’m glad to see so many available storefronts and restaurants closings because frankly none of it was any good anyway. Something has to be done to encourage more innovative purveyors with products and food of higher quality – all the cool stuff doesn’t have to be in DUMBO! Tazza is great but starbucks and CT Muffin, not so much. Hopefully after a few more closings and long-standing empty storefronts the market will adjust so that good boutiques and restaurants can get into the ‘hood and tap into the community who craves their stuff!

  • http://twofones.com twofones

    it’s a shame to see another one bite the dust but pig-n-out had pretty bad food. we kept giving it a shot and they kept disappointing. fact is commercial rents here are very high, much moreso than cobble hill, williamsburg, even parts of dumbo. for a new business with a new lease to succeed it must be wildly successful – with lines out the door like henry’s end, noodle pudding, even cranberry’s. a few weeks of empty tables (or god forbid a few months) and you’re toast.

  • spm

    It’s a lot of mediocrity in BH when it comes to the restaurants – even Jack the Horse is so-so but at least it’s a bit different. As for the Blue Pig party place, I think it will do great as there used to be a place to have kid’s ice cream parties on Atlantic Avenue but that’s been long gone – we certainly have enough kids in the area who need party space!

    Kapadokya was way overpriced for the food it served and as for the Henry Street restaurants, again, more mediocrity – except for Noodlepudding. Right now where Tapestry was they’re asking for $20K a month rent – who’s going to pay that? Cincinnati Photo is still left empty as is the top of Ann Taylor Loft and Starbuck’s. Frankly, I wish we had our Gap back or a real Italian bakery which also used to be in the nabe. I have no answers for this – just stating that there’s a lot of empty real estate and please no more banks and realtors!

  • Teddy

    OK, who’s next ? As long as I can remember (25 years+), if you wanted to eat well, you took the subway to Manhattan.

  • maxine Schulof

    As a 16year resident of the heights, I am amazed when people say thee is no community feeling. I rarely walk down the street without saying helo to someone. however, I agree that there is a lack of really good places to eat and the only reason must be the rent. Could we be even more expensive than Smith Street at this point? Siggy’s is just great- I wish she could afford to move into one of the other- soon to be out of business restaurants- I’m saying this from obervation- not real knowledge. Noodle Pudding- what more can anyone else say. And Henry’e end is pretty good too. But what my friends and I would like is for a place to have coffee- as good as cranberries- and not burnt likeConnecticut Muffin or as expensive as Connectict Muffin and Starbucks, with lite sandwiches, soup and pastry. There is no place like that on Henry Street, so we have to go to Plymouth where we can sit for a while but the food isn’t that good- although the coffee is ok and reasonably priced. Also, how a bout a good brick oen pizza and Itlaian specialties like a Savoia- is that how it’s spelled? from Smith Street moving here. As far as I’m concerned- Grimaldi’s is ot worth the wait and has too limited a menu. And has anyone eaten at that Toro restaurant at 1Fulton? bye

  • Matthew

    Have you ever tried Tazza on Henry Street? Has all of the above. Great coffee, great bread, pastries, salads, soup & pastries. Nice atmosphere too. Located on Henry & State Street

  • horace hubcap

    I agree about Tazza – it is fantastic, and exactly what everyone here is looking for. Talk about poor marketting…

    I will miss Pig’in Out. I am a bbq lover, with many years of living in NC, and I really liked the pulled pork, collard greens, and other sides at Pig’in Out. The Smoke Joint or whatever it is called in Ft. Greene is pretty good, as is the bar in the far south slope that serves bbq, but neither one was the = to Pig’in Out. As far as brick oven pizza, those of you who haven’t ventured into Carrol Gardens and tried the new place on Henry St ( a few blocks past Nino’s), you are really missing something. It is way better than Grimaldies. Be warned, however, that they only serve Pizza and Calzones – nothing else is on the menu, not even a salad. As far as CT Muffin and Jamba Juice goes, if they move onto Henry St., I will consider moving. It is bad enough to have that stuff on Montague. What is next? McDonalds? Cranberries, while not my taste, is much preferred. Also, for you bakery lovers, what is so hard about walking down the hill into Dumbo to enjoy Almondine? By the way, as neighborhood staples go, Fascatis is pretty good pizza, and the Fortune House is reliable neighborhood Chinese food, and so are the two middle eastern take out places close by. If you like Middle Eastern food, consider trying the fairly new Yemminite place that is on Atlantic Avenue, near Sahadis. We finally tried it the other night, and while the decor reminds you of a high school cafeteria, the food is very fresh and tasty, and the woman who served us (must have been an owner) was gracious and super helpful. I wish that I knew the name of it…