Willowtown Assn: Block off Joralemon at Furman to Curb Fast Riding Brooklyn Bridge Park Visitors

News 12 Brooklyn reports that Willowtown Association wants to block off the spot where Joralemon and Furman meet. Residents report that especially in the summer months, drivers fly down Joralemon in an attempt to get to Brooklyn Bridge Park. You can watch the report and video here, and let us know if you’ve come across any speeders on the way to BBP.

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  • mac

    Not sure how anyone can “fly” down Joralemon after Hicks St..it is a rough ride full of potholes and uneven street. Sounds like Willowtown has to put up with the park just like we do up in the North Heights with the pedestrian bridge drawing hordes of people and drivers searching for parking.

  • Andrew Porter

    I saw a family parking illegally on Middagh Street, then heading over to the bridge to BBP from Columbia Heights. Charming…

  • marci

    We are locals and we drive with great care down that cobblestone block. We use it as a safer way to get to the bridge entrance. And how about the folks who live in One Bklyn Bridge Park? Don’t they deserve to get home?
    If visitors really speed down Joralemon, where do they park? Pardon me, but the idea seems lopsided and not thought out.

  • HeightsTia

    I have noticed more vehicles driving down Joralemon since construction of The Brooklyn Bridge Park. It concerns me because big trucks, especially delivery drivers, ie fed ex, ups use Joralemon street to get to the BQE. These trucks are noisy particularly during the day and on weekends!

  • Eddyde

    “especially delivery drivers, ie fed ex, ups use Joralemon street to get to the BQE”
    How do you know that? Sounds like speculation to me.
    Also, those delivery trucks are hardly to be considered “big”.

  • Heightsman

    I suspect they are “flying” to catch the BQE or Atlantic or DUMBO….how much traffic could the park really generate at a given time….now the BQE is another story. I hadn’t thought about Joralemon as a cut through but thanks for the tip. Good idea.

  • Marci

    There are MUCH easier ways to get to the BQE than bumping and lurching down the cobblestones of Joralemon. I’ve been in the nabe nearly 40 years and I don’t see large trucks (or medium ones, either) doing it. They might go down to deliver packages but that’s it. What I see is a 1000% increase in foot traffic.
    And, Willowtown residents, think. Cut off Joralemon and Furman and you’ll probably get lots more traffic on Willow Place.

  • ujh

    Willowtown residents should also consider their own FedEx and UPS deliveries; the vehicles of construction crews, who work on their properties; and how the automobile owners among them will reach the BQE, the western end of Atlantic Avenue, Cobble Hill and/or the Columbia Street/Red Hook area without zigzagging through the narrow streets of the South Heights. Were the residents of the “Places” west of Henry Street consulted before a DOT study was requested? Do they want a turnaround at the foot of the BQE? Do they want the block between Columbia Place and Furman Street made two-way? Admitted, tires cause more noise on cobblestones than on blacktop – but how many cars pass along Joralemon Street at night? Like residents everywhere else, those of Willowtown in general and of Joralemon Street in particular may have to accept more traffic. It happens to all of us.

  • brklynmind

    They have been trying to get Joralemon St cut off from BBP for the last 2 decades (yes even b4 it was built) – it is just a NIMBY attempt to keep out the riff raff (i.e. the public)

  • Alec

    a couple of speed bumps would surely solve this problem…