The Story Behind the Long Island Bar and Restaurant from Emma Montero Sullivan

Long Island Bar and Restaurant owner Emma Montero Sullivan spoke with NYC Media’s Neighborhood Slice recently. She discusses how she came to own the bar, how she met her husband (both served as bartenders) and eventually why she made the decision to rent it out to Toby Cecchini, and partner Joel Tompkins who have kept the place true to its history.

The video below is well worth watching:

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  • AnnofOrange

    Oh so nice….heartfelt….brings a tear to the eye! Thank you!

  • David on Middagh

    She’s such a natural storyteller.

  • Neighborhood Slice

    If you liked this video of Emma, please check out our other neighborhood stories at!

  • Joel Tompkins

    Emma was so good in this, I wish it was an hour long.

  • ampevents

    Is she related to the Montero of Montero Bar & Grill?

  • Banet

    Yes. I’m fairly sure that was her long dead brother’s place — now run by her once sister-in-law. There’s a NYTimes article about how these two sisters-in-law who have run longshoreman bars a block apart for over 50 years have barely spoken.

  • Ann B Chapin

    She is the best and looks wonderful! I am glad the new renters kept the history!!