Just Sold in Brooklyn (Heights)

Flickr PhotoAn addendum to this list

Brooklyn Heights $3Toomuch,000
Somewhere on Columbia Heights

"Junior" one-bedroom, one-bath co-op, around 500 sq. ft., 11' high ceiling, with renovated kitchen, touched-up wooden floors, a dwarf refrigerator, and a showerhead that snapped off shortly after use. Maintenance $average.00, 44% tax-deductible.

Asking price $SlightlymorethanToomuch,000, on the market since the late summer 2006. Brokers: NONE! Through the owner! Sponsored Unit! Sucker Buyer: Me.

The new owner reportedly will be converting the "bedroom" into a loft and office space/studio/TV room, installing a real fridge, and adding a bar to the kitchen. There's sure to be a renoblog of it. Meanwhile, just like everyone else in the neighborhood, he's on a quest for a good, decently-priced restaurant in the immediate area (Jack The Horse: very tasty, will return, but holy crap was it expensive).

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