Brooklyn Heights Artist Latest to Say ‘I Declare World Peace’

Peacenik group I Declare World Peace, who would like as many people in the world to share its simple vision added a new supporter today. Brooklyn Heights based artist Mark Hurwitt is captured on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade in a video saying “I Declare World Peace.” IDCWP has a large number of similar videos on its YouTube channel.

The group describes itself on its website this way:

The I Declare World Peace project is the world’s largest ever art project / sort-of-science experiment. There is nothing to register for or to join. Participation is free and at will. While the I Declare World Peace project morally supports and encourages the efforts and goals of every other well-intentioned peace promoting endeavor, our project is based on principles of the “do less and accomplish more” variety. So, the I Declare World Peace project requires almost nothing of those who choose to participate in it – we ask only that you periodically think the affirmation “I Declare World Peace” and from time to time post it and otherwise promote the affirmation on social media and elsewhere.

Elsewhere on the site, IDWP offers a little more of an explanation:

In general, goals are reached by taking action. All action proceeds from thought. The completion of a skyscraper results from the action of construction, which in turn results from the thoughts of the architects and builders.

In the same way, the ability to achieve peace in our lifetime is simply a direct function of the conscious thinking of people. Just as a war is commenced by declaration based on the thinking of certain people, peace requires a declaration based on the thinking of certain people. All group thinking is based on the thinking of the individuals in the group.

There are approximately 195 countries in the world. Assume there are 200 major “violent” separatist or opposition groups. If the top 5 ranking people in government and those separatist groups all declared peace, just 2,000 people, there would be peace. And those 2,000 would have no choice but to declare peace if substantial numbers of their “constituents” declared peace.

In short, world peace is entirely dependent on what you, yes you personally, think.

Brooklyn based lawyer Lawrence Gelber founded the group.

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  • World Peace

    We just wanted to thank the Brooklyn Heights Blog for featuring this wonderful piece about the I Declare World Peace project, which is, in fact, Brooklyn based. We warmly invite all your readers to submit an I Declare World Peace video similar to the one by artist Mark Hurwitt, as featured at the top of your story.