Inside the Landmarks Preservation Committee’s Hearing on Modifications to Two Brooklyn Heights Properties

The owners of 13 Cranberry Street sought a Certificate of Appropriateness from the LPC last week for modifications to the rear of their home. The LPC has posted video of the hearing and it gives those who haven’t gone through the process a taste of what it’s like.

While the changes requested may seem pretty mundane to most, Barbara Zay of the Historic Districts Council laid a little smackdown at the hearing. She notes that “the [rear] facade is rather charming” and that it would be a “a shame to mess with that to accommodate a kitchen sink which could easily be shifted over to one of the other existing windows.”

The LPC unanimously approved the COA.

Also on the docket, and approved by the LPC, modifications to windows and roof of 76 Willow Street:

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  • DIBS

    I didn’t know that “rather charming” was an accepted historic term

  • smeyer418

    This is the kind of thing that drives historic landmarked homeowners crazy. Historic district council should be ashamed of themselves. Its a knee jerk opposition