At LICH Forum, Strabone Says “People Will Die” If No Full Service Hospital

NY1 reports that, at yesterday’s forum on proposals for Long Island College Hospital, not surprisingly, “the consensus” of the community representatives attending was that LICH should remain a full service hospital. Jeff Strabone (photo), of the Cobble Hill Association, is quoted as saying, “If we lose this hospital, people will die.” The NY1 story also quotes Jim Walden, the Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher attorney representing community groups in the LICH struggle:

So if you have a stroke, if you have a heart attack, if you are in the middle of a miscarriage, you can’t go to a free standing emergency department and get care, you can only go there to get triaged, and then you’re going to get transferred to a hospital.

NY1 also quotes Jo Anne Simon, Democratic District Leader for the 52nd Assembly District, as saying “she left the meeting with many questions unanswered.” This may in large part have been because, as a reader noted in a comment to our previous post, SUNY refused to allow bidders for LICH to participate in the forum.

Videos via Brooklyn Daily Eagle:

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  • DIBS

    “People Will Die”

    Same argument the left trtotted out to use against Republicans’ push back on the ACA.

  • Rick

    “People Will Die”
    That is an accurate statement.

    Both for the need for a hospital where LICH now stands, and for the ACA.

    In the case of the ACA, regardless of whether one is in favor of it or not, people who previously didn’t have health insurance are now getting healthcare.

    Many, many people.

    Some of those people had little or no access to healthcare, and would have died without the ACA.

    This is one of the few simple facts in the otherwise complicated world of healthcare and health insurance.

  • MonroeOrange

    DIBS….what on earth are you talking about? People will indeed die if its not a full service hospital and you need to be transferred to Manhattan or park slope.

    If you have a heart attack minutes matter. And by the way, a failing heart doesn’t care what your political affiliation is.

    Please no ‘Bleeding heart’ puns needed.

  • Johnny Cakes

    People are said to have died due to transportation delays to other hospitals. I don’t have the names of those people, and I don’t have the number of those early deaths. Maybe some others will chime in with some facts.