Brooklyn Heights Appears on ‘The Following’, Reducing Its Bacon Number to One

“The Following” starring Kevin Bacon shot here last year. That episode aired on Monday. You can watch it here and help us piece together where Brooklyn Heights appeared in the show. Feel free to post screenshots and your guesses in the comments below.

Of course, the biggest news is that everyone in Brooklyn Heights just had their Bacon number reduced to one — sorta.

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  • ClaudeScales

    I have an honest-to-God Bacon number of three. Type “Claude Scales” in the Oracle and see.

  • Sophie

    They were using Noodle Pudding.

  • Gilly

    Definitely ‘Noodle Pudding’ at 38 Henry Street, near the bridge. On the evenings of January 2nd and 3rd 2013, we came over from England and dined there on our friend’s recommendation – we fell in love with the place. We got married the next day! So imagine our surprise at seeing it on film. Here are two screencaps. Note the red chequered tablecloth, the decor, and the screen behind my hubby’s head is the other side of the one behind the blonde girl in the screencap. Also attached is a photo from Brooklyn Heights blog which shows the bar area of Noddle Pudding clearly.