Bratton’s Vision Zero Means 930 Percent More Moving Violations In Brooklyn Heights’ 84th Precinct

As part of old/new NYPD commission Bratton’s “Vision Zero” initiative, the 84th precinct reports a 930 percent increase in tickets for traffic violations over last year at this time according to data gathered by WNYC.

But that number comes with an explanation. The station writes, “[O]fficers wrote just 10 tickets for speeding, failure to yield and ignoring a signal combined. This year, they have issued more than 100.”

Streetsblog adds:

Though the 84th Precinct figures from this February are a 930 percent increase over February 2013, 103 tickets in a month for three dangerous driving offenses still represents a small fraction of total violations that could be ticketed.

Whatever small gain these tickets represent, they are a first step towards preventing an accident like the one that took the life of Brooklyn Heights resident Martha Atwater last year.

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  • Derick

    There are no quotas, only productivity goals. Plenty of overtime spread out for those who whore themselves by writing anybody and everybody. New Mayor, new PC, but more of the same old crap.

  • Eddyde

    A vision that has about zero chance of succeeding.

  • petercow

    Right Derick- because enforcing traffic laws is being a “whore”.

    I guess, if no tickets were written, we’d all be safer!

  • ellymay

    The city would be safer and make a lot of $$$$ if the focus was on red light jumpers. To many people a red light doesn’t mean stop anymore, it means speed up.

  • JL

    If they put a red light camera on the corner of Remsen and Clinton, the city would be rich. Every single day I see cars, trucks and taxis run through full-on red lights. Not ones that just changed, which is bad enough. It’s like the rules simply don’t matter anymore. There are two cops who go up and down Remsen handing out parking tix, but can do nothing about the red light jumpers. This is a block with schools, churches, etc – it’s not going to end well. I see many near hits on a regular basis.

  • petercow

    Just to put this “crackdown” in perspective – in Feb, the 84 wrote 64 tickets for “Failure to Stop on Signal”. They wrote 52 for having windows tinted too dark.

  • David on Middagh

    Too-dark windows make it hard to see through a parked SUV before crossing the street. I hate those dark windows. In my day windows were transparent, and we rolled them down with a crank. A crank!

    Mutter mutter mutter.

  • Martin L Schneider

    I that many, many of us heard the detailed report today on how the NYPD refuses to make the official accident reports, which they prepare, available to the victims’ relatives, not to mention to the public? This is exactly what happened on Atlantic and Clinton last year when a pedestrian was struck and killed on the sidewalk in front of the coffee bean place. This was followed by utter silence from the PD.

    There should be wide support for those who are demanding this vital information for the sake of the relative’s and for the sake of all pedestrians.
    Is progressive Bratton going down the same suppressive road that his predecessors followed? And, what about our hot new Mayor?

  • dude

    wow what a tool for the police state thinking that all these tickets are for safety and not revenue.