Andiamo! Bocce, Shuffleboard And Roller Rink Set To Open At Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2

It might be time for Homer Fink’s Brigate Bocce to make a triumphant return. The long promised bocce courts at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 2 will become a reality this spring along with other new additions. But wait a minute there, jerky, you gotta have a permit. They’re available beginning April 1. Details are here.

DNAinfo: The five-acre pier will also house five full-size basketball courts, six handball courts, three shuffleboard courts and two bocce courts, officials said.

“Pier 2 will be a great destination for New Yorkers and we want the entire city to enjoy this amazing public space,” the parks department said in a statement.

The new skating rink will be enclosed and can be used for recreational skating, roller hockey and roller derby.

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    It will be interesting to see what the demand will be for five basketball courts. If all five are restricted due to permits that would be a shame. I love the game and and think a minimum of one court should be set aside as open market where talented players can play a Pick-Up game where the winning team stays on the court till they lose. The Pick-Up game is traditional New York City basketball and should be considered in any permit system.

  • James

    The DNA info report doesn’t appear to be based on any new information from BBP, which has not made any announcement on Pier 2 since it quietly pushed back its planned opening from year-end 2013 to “early 2014″. To the naked eye it does not appear to be very close to finishing. Not surprising given the weather this winter.

  • Ursula Hahn

    The latest information on Pier 2 was issued by Brooklyn Bridge Park a few days ago. The above is taken from the press release.