LICH Agreement “Within a Whisper”

Update: NY1 reports that the parties have reached a settlement agreement, which awaits the approval of Justice Johnny Lee Baynes. It goes on to say:

Sources say that according to the settlement, the bidding process will start fresh, and only proposals for a full-service hospital will be considered.

As we noted earlier, the contempt hearing concerning SUNY’s attempts to close Long Island College Hospital, which has been postponed several times in order to allow the parties time to reach a settlement, was not held this morning, as previously scheduled. The Eagle quotes attorney Jim Walden, who represents the community groups opposing the closure of LICH, as saying the parties are “within a whisper” of an agreement. Walden has been adamant in his contention that LICH must remain a full service hospital, in accordance with his clients’ demands.

Stay tuned for further developments.

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  • Rick

    Public Advocate Letitia James announcing deal has been made with SUNY!

    Story on NY1. Details to come out tomorrow, but she utttered the magic words: Full Service Hospital”.


  • Rick
  • ClaudeScales

    Thanks, Rick. I’ve added an update to the post. Great news!

  • Susan Raboy

    Details of the settlement will be announced at 2:30 today in Supreme Court. Judge Johnny Lee Baynes. Please join us in court. Be there early. Seating is limited.

    This past year has been an uphill battle to keep LICH open for Care. As of yesterday the ICU was full and patients were being admitted to the hosp. We had our doubters but still the Coalition to Save LICH kept fighting, We proved that by working together (patients,community groups,nurses,doctors, healthcare workers, elected officials, and union reps) we could save LICH. I am so honored to be part of this coalition.

    Never forget that LICH Saves LIVES and people power saved LICH!