Update on Garbage Pickup from BHA

The Brooklyn Heights Association has given us this heads-up:

Due to the heavy snowfall, we are advised not to expect any garbage collection until next Tuesday, February 18, at the earliest.

Monday, February 17 is a DSNY holiday. Residents should keep garbage off the sidewalks until we can be certain of pick-ups.

There’s a list of all DSNY holidays here.

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  • davoyager

    Having the garbage cans at the curb is the only way to keep sanitation from plowing all that filthy slush all over my sidewalk.

  • flagel

    why cant they work on Monday? the sidewalks are barely passable in many places, trash and ice everywhere. I also don’t get why owners of 3-7 million dollar brownstones cant spend a few bucks on salt and a shovel to clear walks. Or god forbid pay someone to do it. A useless 12 in wide path through ice is very inconsiderate and dangerous. Where is the deBlasio ticket machine when you need it. The law is clear on this. Sidewalks must be kept ice free and passable. There are also green alternatives to salt that work quite well.