Snowmageddon It Open Thread 2/13/14

So, how you like this weather, eh? We talk a walk this morning and shot some video before hunkering down inside Ice Station BHB. So what’s on your mind about this storm – for example public schools were open while most private schools were closed. Comment below!

And here are some tweets from BHB readers documenting the calamity today:

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  • BrooklynBugle

    Is this thing on? So how are you dealing with icy streets etc?

  • Moni

    What is all this whining about DeBlasio sending poor little tots to school etc. It wasn’t a blizzard, and any well-heeled parent with a nanny could keep her/his kid home if they chose. Working class stiffs might have had a problem since their bosses knew it wasn’t a blizard and no doubt required the parent’s attendance. Get real. DeBlasio is having a bumpy roll out (kinda like the ACA) but I need to see more before I judge.