Watch @BPEricAdams #LICHQandA Here

Watch Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adam’s Q&A on Long Island College Hospital now and comment below. The event, held Wednesday night, was meant to be aired live but was not due to technical difficulties.

Outraged supporters of LICH demanded that the video of the meeting be posted online in addition to airing on BRIC’s public access channel.

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  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Okay, the show finally went on — if I had lifted a glass for every time one of the 5 presenters used or, should I say, threw out, the words “community input”, I’d need a couple of hours on one of those urgent care cots they want to provide us with. I’m community and have heard of absolutely no meetings with any of these groups.

    Not to mention Brooklyn Hospital’s Dr. Richard Becker trying to wow the audience with the fact that Brooklyn Hospital is located in none other than Brooklyn. Let’s here it for Brooklyn!

    They promised affordable housing (no one dared mention the real deal — the expensive housing), primary care physicians, urgent care, pre-K education, retail shops, food markets, nursing rehab centers — everything but keeping our full-service hospital, LICH. Hey, SUNY’s got to make a buck on this deal (which is all they ever wanted in the first place).

    Also, TRENDING — I hope we are all ‘with it’ enough in this part of Brooklyn, because, as was pointed out, the trend now is not to need hospital beds. It seems if you can get to a primary physician you will not need the services of hospitals anymore.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Two tragic observations from the Cobble Hill Association: