BP Eric Adams’ #LICHQandA Doesn’t Air As Planned – Twitter Goes Wild

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams’ LICHQandA did not air on BRIC tv as planned due to technical difficulties. Twitter reaction was swift:

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  • Susan Raboy

    So much for preparation! Why weren’t members of coalition invited…so much for community engagement? I just don’t think he was prepared for all the questions. He probably thought we wouldn’t ask any or watch tonight. He has learned an important lesson. Coalition to Save LICH is everywhere. We’re watching him!

  • Heights Observer

    He had better get past the learning curve real quick. Where’s Marty when you need him? Says a lot about why I was against term limits.

  • Park Lover

    Hmm. Adams is on record saying he wants to explore selling air rights as a way to raise money for Brooklyn. Does he expect “more luxury highrises” to be the answer to every public policy issue Brooklyn faces?

  • gc

    Hope Adams gets on the right side of this issue supporting a real hospital in our neighborhood. Next election might not be so easy if he sides with the real estate developers.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Okay, the show finally went on — if I had lifted a glass for every time one of the 5 presenters used or, should I say, threw out, the words “community input”, I’d need a couple of hours on one of those urgent care cots they want to provide us with. I’m community and have heard of absolutely no meetings with any of these groups.

    Also, TRENDING — I hope we are all ‘with it’ enough in this part of Brooklyn, because, as was pointed out, the trend now is not to need hospital beds. It seems if you can get to a primary physician you will not need the services of hospitals anymore.

  • Colleen J. Ross

    #LICH presentation now viewable in its entirety online: http://vimeo.com/86038484

  • BrooklynBugle
  • Peter Pan

    There ia something missing from Mr. Adams’ picture. Where are the 2 devil’s horns that should be added to his head?