Pour One Out For: Atlantic Avenue’s Module-R

Two BHB readers alerted us that Module-R will be closing its store at 141 Atlantic Avenue. Andrew Porter offers this comment:

And Module R, the very expensive but wonderful stuff store, also on Atlantic, is closing at the end of February. They’re having a Big Sale through the end of the month. They will henceforth be only on the Internet.

The store opened at its current location in December 2011.

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  • Jorale-man

    Bad week for design shops in the Heights. This place was extremely expensive though. It doesn’t surprise me unfortunately.

  • design

    I would agree that the price point for the store was a bit off, but I understand that this was partially a result of very high rents but low foot traffic. My guess is that our dear new mayor was going to stop by on the way to LICH rally, but got arrested, so no revenue for MOD. Jokes aside, LICH closing and refurbishing into residential complex would do a lot to revitalize the lower Atlantic and vicinity. Commercial rents must not be all that rational if there are so many open slots around the neighbohood. Montague is only accessible to large companes, which is frankly fine with me, as at least they have the resources to keep the windows clean.

  • Andrew Porter

    You’d have thought people with kids en route to BBP would shop here, plus shoppers at the various Atlantic Ave. stores that cater to kids, but apparently not.

    This place would have done much better in DUMBO.