The Right (Pint Sized) Stuff

Premiere Magazine Senior Editor Tom Roston writes about the process of getting his daughter into a private pre-nursery school program, which includes an interview at the Montessori School, in today’s New York Times.

New York Times imageNew York Times: Natalie’s Triumph: Many New York private schools use the system of assembling applicants in a room and observing them at play, which helps them decide whom to accept. It is as hard-fought an event as can be, given that the combatants are soft as kittens, walk like drunk Hobbits, and can be entranced by butterflies.

On the morning of Natalie’s interview, I start to think of her as a gladiator. But as I push her down our bumpy street toward the arena, the Brooklyn Heights Montessori School, she leans over the side of the stroller with her hand gliding above the wheel, as if she were on a languid riverboat ride. I look at her striped tights and her orange-tasseled boots and wonder if we have overdressed her, making my wife and me overachieving parents. We may be her biggest liability.

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