Open Thread Wednesday 1/1/14

Happy New Year!!! What’s on your mind?

Photo: Barney Bishop via BHB Photo Club on Flickr

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  • Andrew Porter
  • ltap917

    I totally agree. What a bore!

  • Reader

    Maybe Marty Markowitz could help pay for it, since he damaged so much of the plaza by driving and parking on it.

  • Arch Stanton

    Apparently, MonroeOrange has conceded by silence :)

  • NR0

    I can understand you being upset with the reality of the success of the bike share program as you were one predicting waves of elderly mowed down by cyclists running amok. You must feel a little foolish now. Let’s recall what you said.

    ltap917 BHB reader • 9 months ago −

    So a cyclist has to actually kill someone before it becomes an issue? My husband got hit by a bike on the sidewalk at MetroTech. He never knew what hit him. A few weeks later he was still in pain and ended up having x-rays at the hospital.

    I have osteoporosis and I am also on an anti-coagulant possibly for life. I could get hit by a cyclist, get up, go about my life thinking all was OK, then die of another blot clot in the near future.

    Younger people never think about how the older generation feels about cyclists who do not follow the rules. I am terrified of being hit by a cyclist. More so than being hit by a car as cars usually, but not always, stay in the street. Unlike bike riders who think they can ride their bikes anywhere and get away with it. And, they do.

  • Arch Stanton

    Not to mention walking on it…