Nominate Someone Who Made A Difference In Brooklyn Heights In 2013 For The BHB Ten

Since 2008, we have compiled a list (with your help!) of the 10 most influential people in Brooklyn Heights. Sometimes, we’ll bend the rules to include those who live outside of the neighborhood but who, in some way, have made life here better through their actions.

So nominate away in the comments below! We will publish the BHB Ten on January 5.

Last year’s list in video:

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I nominate Heather Quinlan for winning the prestigious Best Picture/Best Director Award at the Red Hook Festival. This was an exceptional film and Heather’s contributions to the blog have been very entertaining especially her Police Blog Reports. A second nomination are the owners of the video store on Clark for surviving as long as they have considering the available alternatives on the internet and cable TV.

  • marshasrimler

    i nominate Carolyn Mcintryre and Michael White of Citizens Defending Libraires for fighting and we will win the good fight to save our libraries with decency,selflessness, and good spirit

  • BrooklynBugle

    Raf from the video store was on the list in 2012:

    Heather in 2010 :

    That said, this may be the year we have some repeat members of the BHB Ten.

  • Still Here

    I nominate Judy Stanton, my perrential favorite. Judy is someone who passionately and tirelessly advocates for the Brooklyn Heights and the greater community. She is always there and is always accessible.

  • -j

    Sue Raboy for organizing neighbors together in a grass roots campaign of local residents & Patients-for-LICH – to save Long Island College Hospital from closure. She has led the group in vigils outside the hospital, in front of the Supreme Court & in collecting petition signatures all over the area – in all kinds of weather & even with a cast on her leg. Her efforts & dedication of this grass roots group of neighbors and LICH patients resulted in media attention for the community & the hospital & thousands of petition signatures that will be handed over to Governor Cuomo along with NYSNA’s. Sue Raboy, retired librarian turned into a community advocate to help save her hospital & so far has helped manage to do just that.

  • Mr. Johnson

    I nominate the entire female senior-class at Packer who like to wear see-threw clothes (and no underware) to class and on the public Joralemon Street after school. They don’t really deserve a 10, but earn a dishonorable mention for – not being as hot as they think they are.

  • maribel

    Susan Raboy I am honored to have had an opportunity to meet a wonderful, giving person like you. Sue as we call our ‘warrior’ continues to fight to save our community hospital, The Long Island College Hospital. Together with Patients for LICH the movement to save LICH is stronger than ever. Sue has expanded her reach and is supporting the community to save Interfaith Hospital. Organizing local residents that insist on maintaining a full service hospital at LICH. Demanding that hospital operators make decisions based on medical needs not greed. Collecting petitions, organizing rallies at LICH, the Supreme Court, delivering toys to the Red Hook community. When you ask Sue what motivates her, she simply says, “LICH saved my life.”. The LICH community needs Susan Raboy and Patients For LICH. We are Thankful4sue.
    Maribel Agosto, RN

  • Claude Scales

    Judy Stanton has sent these comments and nominations:

    “1) I’d like to add a seconding to the nomination of Susan Raboy, for the reasons already stated in the post by “j”, whose comments are accurate and compelling enough AND while still on the subject of LICH – which is worthy of two nominations – 2) Heights resident and our probonochampion, Jim Walden, whose brilliant probono legal work on the LICH case is really to be credited with the fact that we have not yet lost our hospital.

    “3) An ideal non-resident candidate if you’ll be considering any: NYPD Community Affairs Officer (84th Pct) Salvatore (“Sal”) Ferrante – who, though he is not a Heights resident – is a person whose daily work makes life better for residents, workers, courts and city agencies under the 84th Pct’s command, obviously including Brooklyn Heights. Sal’s is always on the job, 24/7, 365 days a year. He is never further than a phone call away. He’s attentive to everyone and everything that goes on around this Pct. He is known to, and respected by, members of the clergy, any/all civic group heads, local school administrators, merchants, BIDs, local politicians, Community Board 2 Mgr, treating everyone equally. Whenever I describe a homeless person in the streets, Sal will already have been ‘on it’ getting whatever social service help is available to the person. I know Sal lives in Brooklyn, am just not sure where – I think Bay Ridge.”

  • Carlotta

    It appears that Sue Raboy is one of the truly outstanding citizens of Brooklyn Heights. Michael White and Carolyn McIntyre are two others. They have been spearheading the struggle to save our library to prevent another real estate developer from taking public land so as to fill their pockets. Thank you to all those who work for the good of others.

  • teyong57

    Having learned of the call for nominations for this year’s (BHB TEN), I am writing today to endorse a highly suitable individual, (Susan Raboy). I cannot imagine a more worthy
    candidate,she never ceases to impress me for her tireless effort in the fight to keep LICH open for care

  • -j

    Seconding the nominations of Stanton, Walden, White & McIntyre & all who are fighting to save Brooklyn Heights public assets from being sold to the highest paying private real estate developer.

  • marshasrimler

    Judy.. your nominations are great.. we have room for them plus Carolyn McIntrye and Michael White.. and we all win

  • Claude Scales

    I’ll repeat my earlier nominations of David Fuller and Judith Jarosz, artistic directors of Theater 2020 (as a couple working together, I presume they can be counted as one entry; ditto Michael White and Carolyn McIntyre). I’ll also add one more nomination: John Esposito, the tireless and always cheerful caretaker on the Promenade.

  • Remsen Street R.N.

    I nominate Sue Raboy she truly deserves it. She organized Patients for LICH to save our hospital. She had dedicated all of her time to fight to keep our hospital open. She has truly made a difference in Brooklyn Heights. I admire her dedication and hard work.

  • Andrew Porter

    I second your nomination of Judy!

  • Claude Scales

    And I third it.

  • Claude Scales

    Ben Bankson also expressed to me his desire to nominate Jane McGroarty, Heights resident, architect, and former BHA president, for her very effective work as a member of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Community Advisory Council, and for her very helpful contribution to the effort to save LICH.

  • Miss DLS

    I would like to nominate Toba Potosky, President, Cadman Park Conservancy (an official not for profit group). He has organized a coalition of volunteers to make improvements to Cadman Park. The group has undertaken a series of clean-ups including one “spruce up” where they painted the chain-link and posts around the circular garden at the foot of the astroturf. Along with New Yorkers 4 Parks/Daffodil Project and gardening guru “Serhiy” who instructed over 50 volunteers over two days, 800 daffodils were planted inside the park along Tillary Street and Cadman Plaza West. April will be blooming at the park!!

  • Susan Raboy

    I also would like to nominate both Jane and Judy Stanton. The fight to save LICH would have been over long ago if not for their leadership and knowledge. I’ve had the honor to get to know and work with both of them in the fight to keep LICH open as a full service hospital.

  • Reggie

    “They have been spearheading the struggle to save our library to prevent another real estate developer from buying public land so as to fill their pockets, a scheme conceived to provide the library system with a cash infusion.” You can still think this is a bad idea, but please at least present the facts correctly.

  • marshasrimler

    a scheme conceived of by real estate interests to steal a public asset for a cheap price

  • Susan B Shanahan

    As a Heights resident and RN at LICH, I would like to nominate Sue Raboy for her tireless efforts on behalf of the #SaveLICH campaign. She is one of a kind and we are so grateful to this staunch community advocate and lovely neighbor.

  • Flagel

    Im not sure of the name, but when someone stole a poor guys electric scooter on Hicks in the North Heights. I think someone made a donation. Instead of complaining about citi bikes, and garbage collection, we should have a group that donates to people in BH that suffer some injustice or need a little help.

  • Judy

    I definitely second Ben Bankson’s nomination of Jane McGroarty and here’s something very tangible to include as another good reason: we have Jane to thank for the fact that it is actually safe to walk to Brooklyn Bridge Park from Atlantic Avenue. That entire crossing by the BQE, on ramp with dedicated walk lights for pedestrians only, was sketched by Jane who is not a traffic engineer. Walking to the Pier 6 playgrounds was so dangerous before that was done, and it came only after Jane -at a community meeting- showed the NYC DOT a simple diagram of how it could work!

  • anonymeuse

    Honorable mention to CAPTAIN CLEANUP.