Weekend Open Thread 2/20/09

Flickr photo by caramia447

Flickr photo by caramia447

What’s on your mind? Let ‘er rip!

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  • Teddy

    When I come home at night, I usually check the soles of my shoes before I enter my apt, just in case “I didn’t miss something”. I didn’t have to do that a couple of years ago. I’ve also noticed the streets are more dirty compared to a couple of years ago, especially the commercial streets. Maybe some of us complain too much, but if no one did, things would get even worse.

  • neighbor

    GHB, thanks for proving my point.

    When the premium’s walk their dogs is it ok for their pet to urinate on someone else’s building, not just their precious property? The caste system seems alive and well in BH. However, for those who value themselves on what they own, that heirarchy and the “premium” is all illusion. What I see is sloppy personal habits that takes no accountablity but gives attitude when addressed.

  • hickster

    neighbor, i hav e personally seen 2 specific and popular dog walkers in this neighborhood not pick up the carp. these are people who aren’t vested in the neighborhood. No place is perfect, but I will take the shit we deal with here over trash, food containers, etc. littered all over streets, overgrown lawns, cigarette butts everywhere (like in front of the dorm on clark street–again, students not vested in the neighborhood), broken glass, loud music, people pissing on my stoops and leavng bottles and everything else i came to Brooklyn heights to escape. The misdeeds of a few are just that. this neighborhood wouldn’t maintain its value if there wasnt a good reason. But dear NEIGHBOR pray telll, if it sucks so much…wny do you stay here?

  • Anonymous

    I am regularly spending time in other “non-premium” neighborhoods. If you think you have an issue with dog poop here, u should go there to get your reality check.

  • hickster

    thank you anonymous…the grass is not always greener or cleaner on the other side