Weekend Open Thread 2/20/09

Flickr photo by caramia447

Flickr photo by caramia447

What’s on your mind? Let ‘er rip!

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  • neighbor

    Yesterday I stepped into a pile of dog doo on Hicks St. Today I saw another lovely pile on the corner of Hicks and Clark. I think it’s revenge. Many moons ago I was in one of the open studio buildings for the Dumbo Arts Fest. I saw a steaming pile of dog doo on the staircase. As I came to the top of the stairs, waiting for the elevator was a well dressed yuppie and his Great Dane. I asked if he left something and shamed him into cleaning up his dog’s load. Do you think the dog walkers read this blog? I do.

  • Bob

    They think things change when its cold or rainy or snowy.

    But no, it still feels and smells the same on you shoe no matter what.

    Please clean up.

  • north heights res

    Can anyone recommend a good person to replace some tiles in a bathroom? Not a large scale reno, just tile replacement in the shower.


  • R

    I’m in need of a good gentle dentist. S/he must have air abrasion technology (or other drill-free dentistry) and not cost an arm and a leg because I don’t have dental insurance. I’ll go anywhere in BK or Manhattan. Any recommendations? I know there are threads on here about dentists but nobody really talks about the drill-free stuff, and I can’t go back to the drill…

  • Nancy

    It would not take a genius to guess, from that photo, where the historic district boundary is.

  • Ari

    I love Brooklyn Heights!

    I love living in Brooklyn Heights!

    I love the inhabitants of Brooklyn Heights!

    I love the stores and shops of Brooklyn Height!

    I just love it here!

    And I love this blog!

  • No One Of Consequence

    Give it a few weeks, Ari. You’ll sour like the rest of us. ;)

  • Emily

    Ari, thanks for your enthusiasm! It reminds me how much I really love it here and how much I need to stop listening to the complainers. There are problems with everyone’s neighborhood – but life’s too short to get online and complain about dog pop.

  • Ari

    Well No One, I’ve been here for 4 years now and am still infatuated with the neighborhood.

    It’s a nice feeling knowing you’ve found the place that you want to settle down in and raise a family…….

  • Laurie

    north heights res – we’ve used Rob Mara several times for bathroom tile jobs small (replacing a few broken tile) and large (re-tiling the entire shower area) and are always happy with his work.

    Here’s his contact info:

    Rob Mara

    Feel free to tell him Laurie & Ron on Atlantic Ave referred you.

  • Peter

    nice to see the enthusiasm Ari … there are a lot of whiny people on this blog, no? Granted a large number of the contributors are great, but sometimes I just read these posts and shake my head.

  • GHB

    Has anyone else noticed that we have fewer and fewer garbage cans in the Heights? I always seek them out to drop my dog’s loads, but it’s not easy to find them.

  • John Wentling

    I’m sure this will be about as popular as a steaming pile of dog doo, but since the Jehovah’s Witnesses liquidate property, it’d be nice to see the city step in and require that at least some of those future residential units be reserved for (more) affordable housing.

    One of the things that gave The Heights character was it’s diversity – a diversity that disappeared as the JW’s acquisitions pushed out people of more modest means.

    You may fire away.

  • nabeguy

    GHB, has it occured to you that maybe your actions are the reason the city is pulling the garbage cans off the streets?

  • Ari

    By the way, anyone know what National Grid is up to?

    They’re tearing up all kinds of parts of Hicks, Willow Place, Joralemon, Garden.

    Did Verizon contract them to lay their fiber down or are they installed new electrical/gas infrastructure?

  • bklynchick

    To neighbor: I think that anybody reading this blog cares about their neighborhood and are probably not the culprits of the dog poop on the streets.

    To nabeguy: I’m confused by your response to GHB. Are you suggesting that dog owners not throw their dog poop in garbage cans? How else should we dispose of dog poop? You guys complain about people not picking up the poop and then you complain about people throwing away the dog poop. Seems like some folks are just never happy.

    I’m a dog owner who ALWAYS picks up after my dog. I also hate all the dog poop left behind in the neighborhood. But I certainly don’t think fewer garbage cans is the way to stop this problem.

  • Jonathan

    Ordered take out from Spicy Pickle and discovered they are closing down today. That was fast…

  • Dog-lovin’ Homeowner

    As someone responsible for the garbage cans at my building, and as much as I love our four-legged friends and their owners, could you please NOT put your pick-up bags into my cans when they’re out on the street before/after garbage day pick-up? Those who live in buildings with supers might not even know this, but the sanitation workers generally won’t take loose garbage in the can – they pull out the large bags of garbage and leave anything else. Which means I have to pick up your mess and put it into my own bag. Not cool. Same with coffee-drinkers who dump their half-empty cups. I sympathize with the decreasing availability of public cans, but don’t turn your good-samaritan effort of not being a litterbug into my problem. It’s not that hard to carry your garbage an extra block to a public can, or to your destination.
    Don’t get me started on the smokers who use my sidewalk as their personal ashtray. :-)

  • GHB

    Bklynchick… Thank you! I always seek out city garbage cans to dispose of waste. I’ll walk a few extra blocks to do so. I don’t know what nabeguy is talking about either.

    Nabeguy…What are u talking about? Seriously.

  • lifer

    I much prefer people toss dog waste in public garbage cans than mine..or at least their own.

  • paul

    I always use city cans and pick up after the dog, really annoying that some dog owners don’t.

  • Jeremy

    If you want a great book full of pictures of Montague Street circa 1976, buy this book on eBay:


  • Andrew Porter

    I use Dr. Moshman on Remsen Street, but I’ve never heard of drill-free dentistry. Is this something done with trained Dental Ferrets?

    I understand National Grid (well, it’s national in the UK, just local here) has been replacing gas lines esp. in that area of the Heights.

    Has anyone written up the Green Roofs on renovations in the Remsen-Joralemon-Hicks-Henry block? There are several now. They’re not visible from the street, just from apartment building windows and roofs.

  • R

    Well, I guess it isn’t totally drill-free dentistry, but for cavities and such that aren’t too deep a dentist can use the air abrasion wand/machine/whatever in lieu of the drill. It shoots out air mixed with a sand-like substance that breaks down the tooth and surrounding decay (instead of having to drill it out), and then finishes with a filling. It is awesome – I had two cavities done on my lunch hour once with no pain and no anesthetic, not even topical. Which is why I’m now hooked… Alas, both my old dentist and myself have relocated. :(

    I do like the idea of a dental ferret. Though I fear they’d be outlawed in NYC because of an archaic law just like the real ones.

  • BH123

    I recently had air abrasion done by Dr. Silver. No pain! No drills! His office is located in Washington Square Park area. I didn’t even have to pay for it all at once- he uses something called CareCredit, which allows me to pay over time. 212-924-6890.

  • north heights res

    Thanks, Laurie, for the recommendation. I’ll give him a call.

  • hickster

    John Wentling – As far as an upscale neighborhood goes this one is pretty diverse. People of various races/sexual orientations live happily and comfortably here. People who pay a premium to live here, we honor and treasure what that premium buys.

    Why does someone always think that diversity for diversity’s sake is a good idea. Other than surface “diversity” what benefits will “affordable housing” really bring to Brooklyn Heights residents and our community. We are surrounded by affordable housing on the other side if Cadman. If that is something that you feel is essential, then move there.

  • neighbor

    If the premium people were all so premium they would clean up after their pets.
    Premium prices and premium choices do not go hand in hand. So I disagree and say that even in a premium neighborhood basic values are not always treasured. Especially when neighbors allow their pets to piss on my building instead of the curb. Ask the married contractor in the building next door who wanted me to “work” for him. I was too old and wise and now he’s moved on to a new girlfriend, got his married tenant “working” for him. No class in sharp clothes does not equal premium. Many people are just legends in their own minds. When these legends give me the haughty attitude I remember the classy contractor and his messed up married girlfriend and thank the heavens I love myself enough to not care what they think about me and know I’m not the one with problems.

  • GHB

    WTF? Shut up!

  • hickster

    neighbor that sounds like a personal problem. However, if you dont like dog doo doo on the street, you should visit some of the neighborhoods Wentling is advocating turning this one into.

    You misinterpret my comment about paying premium prices too imply that I think I am surrounded by premium people. Wrong, there are shitheads everywhere. But what does unite people who pay premium pricing is their deep appreciation of that investment and the consequent desire to preserve its value.