Hearing On Brooklyn Heights Library To Be Held Thursday (12/12)

This dispatch from the BHA:

On Thursday, December 12 at 6 PM at a public meeting of the Community Advisory Committee of the Brooklyn Heights Branch Library, the Brooklyn Public Library will present several proposals it received in response to the RFP released last summery.

All are welcome. There will be time for a public Q & A at the end of the meeting. The meeting will be held in the branch auditorium, located at 280 Cadman Plaza West.

More about how awesome the new library could be here.

READ MORE: RFP for Brooklyn Heights Library

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  • marshasrimler

    I am not sure that this is a hearing.. sounds like a meeting. In fact BPL has acted as a slumlord. Letting the building detoirate and then putting it up for sale.
    This is a classic slumlord maneuver similar to the building on clark st. and monroe place where I am sure the landlord will eventually go for luxury housing. Big difference BPL is a non-profit that will fail in this effort. If Linda Johnson CEO did what she is paid to do (more than Mayor-elect Deblasio will receive by the way) and raise the private funds she was supposed to this would not be happening. She and the BPL Board need to be held accountable.
    Now before library reps get on this blog to discuss this they need to identify themselves and not use false names OK KLEZMER O’Brian

  • marshasrimler

    No transparency at BPL TRUSTEES MEETING TONIGHT. This non-profit controlled by Bloomberg poodles needs a full investigation. Public not allowed to speak or ask questions. Jordon Borowitz former Bloomberg mouthpiece and current Director of external affairs@ Durst seems to have lots of power, He runs the nominating committee and is on the executive committee. Why should a real estate fixer be anointed with this. He and Crowell ( Bloomberg’s former Lawyer)both owe their rise to Mayor Mike We need a library board
    for us not the real-estate industry.. Stop the Sell-offs.
    Ask DA-elect Thompson to look into the crony capitalism that wants to destroy our library and replace it with a luxury condos Write to Mayor elect Deblasio and Borough President elect Adams tell them the Board should represent the people not corporate interests.. Elections should have consequences

  • marshasrimler

    Tonight I learned that Kyle Kimbell President of EDC and another Bloomberg poodle is on the BPL Board.
    Anthony Crowell President of BPL is on the EDC board.
    Is it a library Board or a division of EDC?? Crony capitalism at work needs a full investigation

  • marshasrimler

    it would be a good idea for the new public advocate and or city council to set up a task force on nonprofit governance. Why do non-profits that are funded primarily by public funds think they are a private corporation. The stockholders in these non-profits are the public and they seem to be disenfranchised.